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The Cost of Moving to Utah

So you’re thinking about moving to Utah? With its gorgeous mountain views and abundant outdoor activities, it’s no wonder why so many people are flocking to the Beehive State. But before you pack your bags, you’re probably wondering: how much does it cost to move to Utah?

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Cost Breakdown for Moving Companies

Average Costs Based on Home Size

Hiring professional movers can take the stress out of your relocation, but it often comes with a hefty price tag. Here’s a breakdown of average costs to hire movers in Utah based on home size:

Studio Apartment

For a small studio apartment, expect to pay around $566 to hire Utah movers. This typically covers 2 movers for 3 hours at $219 per hour.

One-Bedroom Home

Moving a 1-bedroom home in Utah will cost approximately $785. Plan for 2 movers and 4 hours at $219 per hour.

Two-Bedroom House

You’ll need around $1,268 to hire movers for a typical 2-bedroom house. This allows for 3 movers working 5 hours at $307 per hour.

Three-Bedroom Home

For a 3-bedroom home, budget $2,925. You can expect 4 movers for 8 hours at $430 per hour for this mid-sized move.

Four-Bedroom Home

Moving a 4-bedroom house in Utah will probably run you $3,355 or more. Often 4 movers are needed for 9 hours at $430/hour.

Five or More Bedrooms

For a home with 5 or more bedrooms, plan to spend around $5,152. This includes 5 movers for 10 hours at $601 per hour.

What Factors Affect Pricing

Aside from home size, here is what else influences the cost to hire movers in Utah:

Amount of Belongings

It makes sense that the more stuff you have, the more your move will cost. Spend time downsizing before your move date.

Distance of Relocation

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, distance equals dollars. Long-haul moves cost more.

Type of Relocation

You can choose from full-service movers, truck rentals, or portable containers. Full-service is most expensive but easiest.

Extra Services

Extras like packing/unpacking and storage drive up your price. But they can be worth it for a smooth move!

Interstate Moving Options

Moving long-distance? Here’s insight on pricing for popular routes:

Average Costs for Common Destinations


A typical 2-3 bedroom move from Utah to California ranges from $2,306–$5,054.

New York

You’ll spend around $3,515–$6,280 to relocate a 2-3 bedroom home from Utah to New York.


For Illinois, budget $2,848–$5,821 for an average interstate move from Utah for a home with 2-3 bedrooms.

Alternative Moving Solutions

If your budget only allows a DIY move, consider:

Rent a Moving Truck

Brands like U-Haul offer affordable truck rentals in Utah starting around $20 a day before mileage fees.

Get a Relocation Container

Portable container companies bring a container for you to conveniently pack at your own pace, then ship your goods. Costs more than DIY truck rental but less than full-service movers.

Freight Shipping

Freight shipping services allow you to list large items like cars or heavy furniture that movers don’t handle. Individual shippers bid based on item size and distance.

Transporting Your Vehicle

Driving cross-country? Protect your wheels by hiring an auto transport service. These professionals offer:

Safe, Efficient Vehicle Transport

Avoid wear and tear on your car from long drives. Auto shippers are equipped for efficient transport.

Insurance Coverage

Some providers offer premium insurance coverage to protect clients if unexpected damage occurs.

Helpful Moving Tips

Relocating to a new state involves more than just packing boxes and making travel arrangements. Consider the following tips to help make your Utah move as smooth and stress-free as possible:

Thoroughly Verify Your Mover’s Credentials

Don’t just take a moving company at its word that they are properly licensed and insured. Check that the company has active USDOT registration and that they carry standard liability insurance and cargo protection. Get everything in writing so you avoid unlawful “rogue movers” that scam consumers. Taking this vital step protects your belongings and peace of mind.

Closely Examine Insurance Options

From basic liability that covers virtually nothing to full-value protection plans, moving insurance varies greatly. Discuss options with your Utah mover in detail to understand requirements, exclusions, claims procedures, and your potential out-of-pocket costs if items are lost or damaged. This ensures the policy aligns with your personal risk tolerance and budget. Skimping here can really come back to bite you.

Carefully Time Your Move According to Utah’s Extreme Weather Fluctuations

Utah experiences sweltering hot summers and frigid, snowy winters along with blustery conditions in the spring and fall. Savvy pre-move weather research helps you pack appropriately and schedule your moving days accordingly. You don’t want to be loading up in below-freezing temperatures or getting caught driving narrow mountain passes in sketchy conditions. Factor Utah’s dramatic weather swings into ALL of your planning.

Save Significant Money by Mindfully Scheduling Around Peak Moving Seasons

Traditional summer moving between June and August can mean paying 20-30% higher relocation costs when demand spikes for people making school-timed changes. Similarly, book at least several weeks in advance for hard-to-secure truck rentals and movers during crazy turn-of-the-month churn. Avoid unnecessary expenses by smartly scheduling around predictable seasonal and monthly rush times.

The more informed and prepared you can be, the more control you gain over this major life transition.

Best Places to Live in Utah

Known for its red rock landscapes, epic skiing, and natural wonders, Utah offers boundless beauty and plenty of great locations to set down roots. Depending on your priorities, check out these top-rated cities and towns to call home:

Salt Lake City

As the state capital and largest metro area, Salt Lake City provides urban conveniences and cultural attractions you’d expect from a big city, alongside easy access to the great outdoors. Hit trails in the Wasatch Range just minutes outside downtown or take advantage of amenities like the international airport. The job market here features major industries like tech, finance, and healthcare in a business-friendly environment. And while home prices exceed national averages at around $350,000, average rents hover under $1,100 monthly.

Park City

Under 30 miles from SLC but worlds apart, Park City entices with its ski town vibe. The iconic winter playground converts to a mountain biking and hiking mecca once snows melt. Median home values eclipse $800,000, but with its walkable Main Street lined with shops and restaurants, stellar schools, and peaks begging to be conquered just outside your door, Park City makes an idyllic (if pricey) getaway.


Home to Brigham Young University, Provo attracts students and families alike with its affordable housing, safe neighborhoods, and abundant recreation. Nestled next to Utah Lake with the Wasatch Mountains as a backdrop and a lively arts scene, median home prices around $270,000 and reasonable rents under $900 position Provo as an accessible option under an hour from SLC.

St. George

Looking for year-round warmth ideal for golf and exploring red rock territory? Laidback St. George in Utah’s Dixie region fits the bill. Retirees flock here but families also appreciate the small town community vibes. With nearby Zion National Park and affordable living costs, St. George makes it easy to soak up the dramatic landscapes.


Ogden offers progressive urban energy blended with outdoor escapes just 40 short minutes from SLC. Historic districts harbor indie boutiques, breweries, and museums while ski resorts and trails network the peaks above town. Reasonable home values around $260,000 coupled with access to major amenities gives Ogden wide appeal.

No matter your priorities, Utah promises enviable quality of life rooted in community and nature. Each region boasts its own unique personality, so research carefully then let your heart guide you home. With so much beauty abounding, you really can’t make a bad choice!


Moving to a new state can be both exciting and stressful. After reading this article, we hope you have an honest look at typical prices for moving to help you budget and set expectations.

We broke down estimated costs for hiring professional movers or doing it yourself. Exact prices depend on your home size, the distance of your move, extra services, and more. 

Crunching the numbers is crucial. But moving is more than math. Consider lifestyle factors too. Utah’s stunning scenery may fulfill dreams of outdoor adventure. And its family-friendly culture could provide a welcoming community.

Moving is an exciting journey, but the rewards come from feeling at home in places with people who share your passions. We hope Utah offers that special sense of belonging!


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