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Cost of Moving to Massachusetts

Moving to a new state can be an exciting adventure, but also comes with its fair share of challenges. How much does it cost to move to Massachusetts? is a common question for those considering a change in scenery to the Bay State. This comprehensive guide breaks down all the key costs and logistics around relocating to one of New England’s most dynamic states.

Heads up! This guide explains everything that goes into how much a move costs—from mileage to boxes to tape and more. I’ll give you average prices for small, medium, and large moves around Massachusetts so you know what to expect to pay. If you want to peek at awesome moving companies first, we just published a blog reviewing the best in the state with price details to kickstart your search.

Moving Costs and Logistics

Determining exactly how much does it cost to move to Massachusetts depends greatly on factors like where your starting point is and how many belongings need transporting.

Average Cost to Hire Movers in Massachusetts

For moves originating within Massachusetts, you can expect to pay the following:

  • Studio apartment move: $509
  • 1-bedroom move: $651
  • 2-bedroom move: $963
  • 3-bedroom move: $2,035
  • 4-bedroom move: $2,313
  • 5+ bedroom move: $3,481

So as you can see, moving costs in the Bay State can range widely from just a few hundred dollars for a small studio to several thousand for larger homes.

Interstate moves to Massachusetts also fluctuate based on variables like mileage and origination state:

  • From California: $4,167-$7,335
  • From New York: $1,335-$3,627
  • From Illinois: $2,510-$5,553
  • From Texas: $3,276-$5,849
  • From Arizona: $3,643-$6,451

DIY Moving Costs

Want to save money on your move? Consider renting a truck and doing it yourself. Here are average costs:

  • 16-foot rental truck: $150 per day + $.89/mile
  • Moving blankets and pads: $50
  • Hand truck/dolly rental: $30 per day
  • Boxes and supplies: $100

Just remember that loading and unloading everything yourself can be exhausting! Enlist family or friends in exchange for pizza and beer.

Special Permits and Restrictions

  • Massachusetts requires movers to be licensed. Check that yours has proper credentials.
  • No Oversized load permits needed for DIY movers.
  • Toll restrictions apply on major highways during rush hour. Avoid moves Monday-Friday 6-9 AM and 3-7 PM if possible.
  • Boston has tight roads and limited parking – consider smaller moving vehicles for city moves.

Best Time of Year to Move

If possible, try to avoid moves during the cold winter months of January and February when roads are icy and snow or blizzards can threaten the moving process. The peak season of May-September comes with its challenges too – higher rates, increased demand, and sweltering summer heat.

Instead, aim for a spring (March-April) or fall move (October-November) when pricing dips a bit and temperatures are milder across the state. Just be mindful of Boston sports schedules if navigating the city – rooting locals can clog roads before and after Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins and Patriots games.

Short-Term Housing Considerations

Moving halfway across the country can be challenging enough without also having to immediately find permanent housing. Luckily, Massachusetts offers abundant short-term rentals options:

  • Hotels: $150-$250 per night for basic accommodations
  • Furnished corporate apartments: $2,500-$4,000 per month
  • Short-term home rentals: $2,000-$5,000 per month depending on size and location

Airbnb also offers plentiful short-term and monthly stay options across Massachusetts. Average nightly rates run $75-$200 depending on amenities and number of bedrooms.

If you’ll need temporary housing for more than a month while searching for the perfect new home, Airbnb monthly discounts can cut costs by 15% to 40% over nightly rates.

The Cost of Living in Massachusetts

Housing prices in Massachusetts can vary widely depending on which part of the state you choose to settle in. However, when compared to the national average, the overall cost of living in Massachusetts is significantly higher.

Housing in Massachusetts

Renting or buying property in eastern Massachusetts and around Boston can be pricey. Median home values top $400,000 in many towns and cities in these areas. Rental rates for a two-bedroom apartment range from $1,500-$2,500 per month. However, as you travel west and away from major metropolitan hubs, real estate prices being to drop dramatically. For example, the median home price in Springfield is around $220,000 – nearly half that of the Greater Boston area.

When searching for your new Massachusetts home, be sure to factor in key variables like neighborhood safety, school quality, and proximity to key attractions. Groceries, Utilities and Transportation

Given Boston’s high population density and popularity, it should come as no surprise that everyday expenses can add up quickly for Massachusetts residents. Groceries, gas, and utilities all exceed national averages:

  • Average monthly electricity bill: $120
  • Average monthly gas bill: $80
  • Average gas price per gallon: $3.50
  • Average grocery bill for family of four: $1,000

Owning a car is a necessity for most people residing outside of Boston proper. Be sure to budget an extra $100-$150 per month for parking if living downtown. Public transportation like the MBTA can help cut costs, with standard fares around $2.40 per ride.

Healthcare and Health Insurance

The good news is that Massachusetts offers some of the country’s best healthcare and hospitals. Over 97% of state residents have health insurance coverage – the highest rate in the nation. Costs vary widely based on your plan and income level, but even low-income families can receive heavily subsidized or free coverage.

Typical health insurance premiums for middle-class families run $400-$800 per month. Deductibles average around $1,500-$2,500 for individuals and $3,000-$5,000 for families. So be sure to account for medical costs in your moving budget.

Taxes in Massachusetts

Residents and critics alike jokingly refer to it as “Taxachusetts”, and for good reason. Massachusetts tax rates are among the country’s highest. Key taxes include:

  • State income tax: 5.05% flat rate
  • Sales tax: 6.25%
  • Gas tax: 26.54 cents per gallon

Property taxes can vary dramatically by municipality but often exceed 1% of a home’s total assessed value. For a $500,000 house, that equates to over $416 per month

On the bright side, everyday staples like food and clothing are exempt from sales tax in Massachusetts. So that makes grocery and retail therapy slightly less painful.

Education Costs in Massachusetts

Given its world-class colleges and universities, it should come as no surprise that education is a priority in Massachusetts – but excellence often comes at a premium.

  • Average daycare/preschool: $20,000 per year
  • Average private high school tuition: $24,000 per year
  • Average public university in-state tuition: $15,000 per year
  • Average private college tuition: $54,000 per year

Many excellent elementary and high schools districts are available, particularly in and around Boston. However, competition is fierce for placements, so be sure to research options early when relocating.

Entertainment and Dining Out

As one of America’s cultural hubs, Massachusetts offers no shortage of fun activities for eating, drinking and being merry. However, big city amenities also come at a cost.

When dining out, appetizers and entrées often range from $15-25 at casual eateries to $30-$50 at finer establishments. Cocktails typically run $15 each. Catching a movie will set you back $20. And major concerts or sporting events can easily creep into the hundreds.

So be sure to keep entertainment costs in mind when budgeting to move to and live in Massachusetts.

Key Destinations in Massachusetts

From bustling Boston to the serene shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts offers tremendous variety when it comes to ambiance and affordability depending on which city or town you call home.

Boston Proper

As the heart of New England, America’s Walking City offers endless amenities alongside the expected high cost of urban living.

  • Median home price: $675,000+
  • Average monthly rent for 2-bedroom apartment: $3,500
  • Key neighborhoods: Back Bay, Beacon Hill, South End, North End, Seaport District, West End

Boston provides easy access to beaches, mountains, and parks for enjoying Massachusetts’s stunning scenery during your off hours. But prepare for jam-packed streets and neighborhoods pulsing with students, tourists, and professionals embracing busy city living.

Western Massachusetts

Meandering westward about 90 miles from Boston uncovers a more affordable side of Massachusetts living.

  • Median home price: $250,000
  • Average rent for 2-bedroom apartment: $1,500
  • Key areas: Easthampton, Northampton, Amherst, Pittsfield, Springfield

Western Mass balances small town charm with cultural attractions. Outdoor enthusiasts relish abundant hiking trails and winter offers bountiful skiing. Cost of living drops notably while still providing proximity to Boston and New York City a few hours away.

Cape Cod

Curling beaches and seaside villages beckon along this coastal escape. Just be prepared for summer crowds flocking to Cape Cod’s shores between Memorial and Labor Day weekends.

  • Median home price: $450,000+
  • Average monthly rent: $1,800-$2,500 for 2-bedroom in off season
  • Key areas: Hyannis, Falmouth, Provincetown, Chatham, Orleans, Dennis

Cape Cod particularly attracts retirees thanks to serene settings and proximity to Boston healthcare. For working professionals, many businesses do slumber during winter months leaving limited year-round job prospects.

Central Massachusetts

Centrally located between Boston and western countryside, Central Mass offers more reasonably priced alternatives.

  • Median home price: $340,000
  • Average monthly rent for 2-bedroom apartment: $1,500
  • Key cities: Worcester, Westborough, Shrewsbury, Grafton, Auburn

With lower taxes, insurance, and rents compared to eastern cities, central Mass appeals to young couples and families. Lush parks, hiking trails, historic sites, and family-friendly amenities make it very livable. Some drawbacks include longer winter seasons with more snowfall.

Coastal Towns

Charming, smaller east coast communities situate you within reach of Boston yet away from big-city hustle.

  • Median home price: $375,000 – $575,000
  • Average rent for 2-bedroom apartment: $1,800-$2,400
  • Top seaside options: Salem, Newburyport, Rockport, Scituate, Plymouth

New England harbor living brings together rich history, maritime culture, and local seafood. But limited housing inventory keeps sale prices high. And many locations morph into busy tourist attractions during summer months.

Employment and Economy in Massachusetts

Boasting one of the country’s most resilient state economies, Massachusetts offers a healthy job market across multiple thriving industries.

Overview of the Massachusetts Job Market

With major education and healthcare hubs fueling growth, state unemployment sits at just 3.4% – notably lower than the national average of 3.9%.

And projections remain strong with expected job market expansion of 39.3% over the next decade. That significantly outpaces the broader United States average projection of 33.5% growth by 2032.

High-Growth Sectors and Industries

Massachusetts owes much success to globally recognized universities and research institutions that anchor innovation and careers in fields like:

  • Biotech and Life Sciences
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Cybersecurity
  • Renewable Energy

The state also leads in mutual funds, medical technology, defense contracting, and financial investments with heavyweights like Liberty Mutual, Raytheon, and Fidelity Investments.

Major industry players continue expanding their footprints supporting steady job market growth over coming decades. And expanding opportunities exist across skill levels ranging from manufacturing technicians to PhD scientists.

Additionally, the nonprofit and healthcare landscapes employ over 750,000 residents caring for others and fueling medical discoveries at prestigious hospitals and research centers like Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Top Massachusetts Companies and Employers

Beyond hospitals and universities, these notable brands also offer promising professional prospects:

  • State Street Corporation
  • Stop & Shop / Big Y World Class Market
  • Takeda Pharmaceuticals
  • ThermoFisher Scientific
  • Wayfair
  • Biogen
  • HubSpot
  • DraftKings
  • Analog Devices
  • Akamai Technologies

And don’t overlook opportunities with Boston startups and venture capital firms branching into emerging technologies.

Massachusetts Jobs by Education Level

With nearly 70% of Massachusetts adults holding at least an associate degree or higher, competition can prove fierce for top jobs in healthcare, biotech, and technology fields.

However, ample options exist across education levels and experience:

  • No formal education required: Retail, restaurants, construction, transportation
  • High school diploma or GED: Bookkeepers, paralegals, mechanics, office administrators, technicians
  • Professional certification/apprenticeship: Plumbers, electricians, medical assistants, tech support roles
  • Associate or bachelor’s degree preferred: Accountants, analysts, IT project managers, medical technologists, scientist roles
  • Master’s or doctorate often required: Scientists, researchers, physicians, pharmacists, device engineers, data architects, professors

So while advanced credentials open additional doors, Massachusetts also provides a breadth of opportunities to leverage your unique competencies and career interests aligned to your educational background.

Quality of Life Perks in Massachusetts

Beyond a flourishing economy, Massachusetts also offers tremendous natural beauty and fun for enjoying your off hours.

Outdoor Recreation and Hiking

From the Berkshires’ rolling mountains in the west to Cape Cod’s iconic beaches spanning the east, Massachusetts serves up year-round natural splendor.

Some beloved hiking and nature trails include:

  • Appalachian Mountain Club across Western and Central Massachusetts
  • Freedom Trail walking tour through Boston
  • Cape Cod Rail Trail
  • Walden Pond paths through Concord
  • Plum Island’s Parker River Wildlife Refuge
  • Blue Hills Reservation hiking south of Boston

And winter opportunities also abound with downhill skiing and snowboarding at popular family-friendly resorts like Wachusett Mountain Ski Area near Worcester or Butternut Basin towards the Berkshires.

Massachusetts Beaches and Water Fun

Ocean surfing, bay boating, lake lounging – Massachusetts covers it all when it comes to getting out on the water.

Top beach destinations span from Cape Cod favorites like Coast Guard Beach and Race Point to Gloucester’s Wingaersheek Beach north of Boston and beloved Duxbury Beach 35 miles south.

Brave souls can even catch a hearty swell during summer OR take an invigorating dip amongst floating ice chunks during the annual Polar Plunge in winter!

Arts, Culture, Music and Entertainment

From Boston’s world-renowned Symphony Hall to Norman Rockwell’s iconic Berkshires museum, Massachusetts art and culture stage provide no shortage of virtuoso entertainment.

The downtown theater districts in both Boston and Pittsfield host Tony award-winning shows and A-list comedians. New England’s rich colonial history springs to life at Minute Man National Historic Park. And music lovers flock to summer concert series like Tanglewood and Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion as well as intimate cafes supporting local talent.

Massachusetts museums run the gamut from fine art to pop culture, dinosaurs to JFK history. So embrace your specific interests – you’re sure to find inspiring attractions all across the state.

Massachusetts Sports Fandom

Perhaps no U.S. region celebrates athletic devotion quite like New England – and Massachusetts serves as heart for diehard fans.

In Boston, joining the Red Sox Nation or riding the Celtics recent success can unite locals through heartbreak and triumph. Gillette Stadium draws passionate crowds for Patriots games 45 minutes south while Bruins hockey also converts new believers each winter.

And beyond professional leagues, joining March Madness brackets or tailgating at UMass Amherst college football games in the Pioneer Valley ushers in cherished traditions.

So arrive ready to passionately debate hot takes from the latest Sox season or which New England IPA pairs best with a Bruins victory. Just leave any Yankees or Tom Brady allegiance back in your old state!

Moving to Massachusetts: Final Thoughts

I hope this guide gave you a helpful overview of both the joys and costs around moving to Massachusetts.

While higher than average prices for housing, taxes and childcare can prove daunting, thriving career opportunities balanced alongside natural beauty and academic excellence help explain why nearly 7 million residents chose to call Massachusetts home.

At the end of the day, choosing your new state involves aligning affordability realities against lifestyle aspirations. Hopefully the detailed regional breakdowns help target communities matching your circumstances.

Wishing you safe travels and happy trails ahead wherever your next chapter leads!


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