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What are the Moving Costs to West Virginia?

Moving to the scenic mountains and winding rivers of West Virginia can seem like a dream come true. But before you pack your bags, you’re probably wondering, “How much does it cost to move to West Virginia?” This comprehensive guide has all the nitty-gritty details to set realistic expectations. We also have published blog if you want to check out the best moving companies around West Virginia

Cost to Hire Movers in West Virginia

The cost to hire movers in West Virginia ranges widely based on move details like home size, distance, and services required. However, statewide averages provide a helpful benchmark.

Average Hourly Rates

  • Local West Virginia movers charge around $125-150 per hour for moves involving studios or 1-2 bedroom homes. With an average move timeframe of 2-3 hours, expect total costs between $300-400.
  • For 3-5+ bedroom moves, hourly rates jump to $150-200 per man due to increased labor and truck space needed. Plan for $600+ with 5+ hours of work.

Average Total Move Costs

  • Local West Virginia moves for 1-3 bedroom homes run $900-1,500+. Larger homes or longer distance in-state moves may land from $2,000-4,500.
  • Crossing state lines into or out of WV adds more variable costs like fuel, lodging, and days on the road. For a 3-bedroom household, expect $4,000-8,000+.

Many factors like high-value items requiring extra care or add-ons like packing/unpacking influence final move bills.

Top Outbound Moving Routes

Popular interstate routes departing West Virginia like WV to Florida or WV to Texas cost $3,000-6,500+ for entire home moves. Cross-country relocations to states like California may reach $10,000+ when factoring longer transit and increased labor.

Moving Transportation Options

Beyond hiring movers, West Virginia migrants can transport belongings themselves using truck rentals or pods.

Truck Rentals

  • U-Haul truck rentals for local WV moves start around $40 per day plus $0.89 per mile. With mileage fees, a 1-bedroom move may reach $200-400 total.
  • Penske and Budget offer similar local and one-way truck rates to U-Haul.
  • Consider added costs like dolly/furniture pad rentals, packing supplies, or hiring loading/unloading help.

Portable Container Units

  • PODS deliver storage containers to load then haul to new homes. Local moves start around $100-150 while a WV to California route may cost $1,800+.
  • Pack/unload containers yourself but avoid driving. Ideal for gradual loading as your schedule allows.

Key Additional Moving Costs

  • Packing Supplies: $100+ for boxes, tape, protective materials
  • Full Packing/Unpacking: $200+ per room
  • Storage: $50-150+ monthly for pod or warehouse space
  • Auto Transport: $500-1,500+ depending on vehicle
  • Pet Transport: $200-800+ based on pet size, distance, amenities
  • Valuation Coverage: 60¢ per pound standard; upgraded tiers available

Best Time to Move to West Virginia

Since West Virginia is prone to snowy winters and humid summers, plan a spring or fall move if possible.

  • Low Season: October-April sees fewer home sales and moves with lower demand. This equals more availability and incentives from movers offering competitive pricing to secure jobs during slower months.
  • Peak Season: Late May-September has the heaviest traffic from students and families relocating for change of schools or jobs. Avoid summer for an easier, cheaper move.

Factors That Impact Overall Costs

Nailing down precise moving costs requires calculating specifics like home size, location factors, services required and more.

  • Overall Inventory Size: More belongings mean bigger trucks, more moving labor and extended project timetables.
  • Distance: Greater mileage between origin and destination increases fuel costs plus crew lodging if an overnight stay is required.
  • Services: Opting for full packing/loading assistance adds fees versus an DIY move. But Self-service means more work.
  • Timelines: Tight turnarounds or last-minute moves may incur rush order or peak season fees.
  • Supplemental Services: Add-ons like piano moving, car transport or climate-controlled storage pile on more variable costs.
  • Discounts: Credits like efficient self-packing/loading help offset base charges.

New Resident Resource Center

Before visiting West Virginia sights like Harpers Ferry or enjoying local pepperoni rolls, new residents must handle essential administrative tasks.

  • Change Address: File USPS change of address to forward mail plus update accounts/subscriptions.
  • Driver’s License: Apply for new West Virginia driver’s license within 30 days of establishing residency.
  • Voter Registration: Register to vote in West Virginia elections by filling out mail-in form.
  • Vehicle Registration: Title and register any owned cars in West Virginia within 60 days of moving.
  • Taxes: Understand WV tax obligations like 6% statewide sales tax, variable property taxes and applicable state income taxes.

Cost of Living Comparison

West Virginia promises scenic splendor at an affordable price. Here’s how key living expenses stack up.


Home ownership and rental rates in West Virginia deliver scenic Appalachian charm without breaking budgets.

  • Buying a house in West Virginia costs nearly $100,000 below the $229,000 national median home price as of January 2023. Overall, prices average just $130,000 for move-in ready dwellings. Certain cities like Weirton, Beckley and Parkersburg dip closer to $110,000 for 3 bedroom fixer-uppers. Areas featuring top school districts and amenities like Morgantown creep closer to $150,000 – but still a steal compared to coastal markets.
  • Renting an apartment or house also rings in thousands below other US states at around $650 monthly for snug studio units to $1,100 for 2-3 bedrooms in tonier downtown building units that allow pets. Smaller towns cling closer to statewide averages around $700 for 1 bedroom apartments including basics like a parking spot, gym access and coin laundry room. Remember to factor first month/last month deposit funds into initial housing cash outlays when relocating from out-of-state before local paychecks kick in.

The bottom line? WV delivers beautiful rentals and real estate often ranging over $100,000 cheaper than finding comparable square footage and land amenities in other eastern US locations. Take the money saved on living expenses and put it towards establishing true work-life balance surrounded by an oasis of wonderous mountain trails, lakes and rivers.

Food & Dining Out

  • Groceries for dining in run 10-20% below national averages, especially on regional Appalachian staples like ramps, wild game, and produce.
  • Restaurant prices are about 15% cheaper than the average US eatery. Even Charleston, WV and larger college cities provide budget-friendly dining options.

Childcare & Healthcare

  • Childcare centers average $600-800 per month for infants to four year-olds. Nanny shares or subsidized programs can reduce costs further.
  • Healthcare lands around 15% below national benchmarks, though still expensive by global standards. Rural facilities may have less choice or specialty care options.


Owning a car is essential for most West Virginia residents given the state’s winding mountain roads and remote communities. Plus, public transport is primarily limited to key metro networks.

  • Gasoline prices have stabilized nationally to around $3.50 per gallon – $0.40 below summer 2022’s record highs.
  • Major cities have bus systems with fares costing $1-3 for single rides or $30-50 monthly passes. But coverage to rural towns is sparse.
  • Taxis and rideshares fill public transit gaps in smaller communities, though trips cost $30+ instead of a couple subway token swipes.

The Bottom Line

Well, there you have it! A helpful overview of key details for moving yourself, loved ones or precious belongings to scenic West Virginia without breaking budgets. While precise costs vary based on specifics, allot around three to five grand as a sound estimate if hiring movers. Beyond dollars, consider lifestyle factors – both perks gained and conveniences lost – before taking the leap. With smart preparation and shopping movers during off-peak seasons, you can control costs while ensuring precious items arrive safely.


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