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How Much Does It Cost To Move To Tennessee?

Moving to the beautiful state of Tennessee will likely cross your mind at some point. After all, Tennessee offers charming small towns, lively big cities, stunning natural wonders, and that signature southern hospitality that makes you feel right at home. But before you pack up and head to Nashville, Memphis or the Great Smoky Mountains, you’re probably wondering – how much does it cost to move to Tennessee?

If after you read this blog, you still need answers about moving companies and expenses, I have an in-depth cost guide on the highest rated moving companies in Tennessee

Cost to Move to Tennessee

The cost to move to Tennessee can vary quite a bit depending on the size of your move, how far you’re traveling, and what logistics are involved. However, most moves within Tennessee cost an average of $2,500 to $4,500 according to some estimates. Out-of-state moves may cost more depending on mileage.

Let’s take a closer look at average moving rates and factors that influence cost:

Average Cost to Hire Movers in Tennessee

Hiring professional movers in Tennessee costs an average of $124 per hour, with total costs ranging from $407 to $4,037 depending on move size and distance. Here’s a breakdown by home size:

  • Studio apartment
    • Average total cost: $407
    • Hourly rate: $173
    • Movers needed: 2
    • Duration: 3 hours
  • 1 bedroom home
    • Average total cost: $580
    • Hourly rate: $173
    • Movers needed: 2
    • Duration: 4 hours
  • 2 bedroom home
    • Average total cost: $961
    • Hourly rate: $243
    • Movers needed: 3
    • Duration: 5 hours
  • 3 bedroom home
    • Average total cost: $2,272
    • Hourly rate: $340
    • Movers needed: 4
    • Duration: 8 hours
  • 4 bedroom home
    • Average total cost: $2,612
    • Hourly rate: $340
    • Movers needed: 4
    • Duration: 9 hours
  • 5+ bedroom home
    • Average total cost: $4,037
    • Hourly rate: $476
    • Movers needed: 5
    • Duration: 10 hours

As you can see, studio and 1-bedroom moves cost less than $1,000 on average, while larger homes with 3+ bedrooms typically cost over $2,000.

Now keep in mind that unique factors like stairs, long walks from the truck to your home, and heavy/bulky items may increase hours and labor needs. That’s why getting an exact, personalized quote is so important.

Average Cost to Hire Interstate Movers

If you’re moving from out-of-state, expect pricing to be a bit higher. For example, here are average costs for popular interstate routes:

  • Tennessee to California – $3,543 to $6,318
  • Tennessee to New York – $2,472 to $5,515
  • Tennessee to Illinois – $2,084 to $4,354
  • Tennessee to Texas – $2,472 to $5,515
  • Tennessee to Arizona – $3,082 to $6,003

You’ll generally save over 20% by choosing an off-peak moving date between October and April rather than summer peak season.

Factors That Impact Moving Costs

Aside from home size and mileage, several other factors determine your final moving expenses:

Size of move – Are you moving a fully furnished 5 bedroom house or just studio apartment essentials? Naturally more items equals more time, labor, gas, etc to transport it all.

Distance – Local moves under 50 miles cost less than out-of-state relocations spanning over 1,000 miles.

Type of move – Hiring movers is most expensive but easiest, while DIY truck rentals are cheapest yet most labor-intensive.

Add-on services – Packing/unpacking assistance, storage fees, piano/large item moving all increase costs. But ease the workload.

Time of year – Peak season during June to August may add a $200-$600 summer surcharge.

Keep these factors in mind when budgeting! Comparing multiple free quotes rather than choosing the cheapest mover can prevent hidden fees too.

Benefits of Living in Tennessee

Before going all-in on a Tennessee move, let’s explore why so many folks happily call the Volunteer State home:

Financial Benefits

One huge perk to moving here? Keeping more money in your wallet! Tennessee boasts:

  • No state income tax – allowing you to keep entire paychecks
  • Low property taxes – typically under 1% of home value
  • Below average cost of living – about 15% lower than other states

This combination allows incomes to stretch up to 25% farther. Even cities like Nashville and Memphis offer affordable housing and rents compared to other major metros. Retirees especially appreciate the lack of retirement income taxes.

Lifestyle Perks

Aside from saving money, Tennessee delivers the quintessential southern lifestyle full of:

  • Charming small towns brimming with friendly folks who make you feel right at home
  • Lively big cities like Nashville and Memphis, with award-winning food and music scenes
  • Stunning nature and recreation, especially in the Great Smoky Mountains where hiking, fishing, zip lining and more await
  • Four mild seasons with moderately cold winters and long stretches of comfortable 70 degree temperatures

The state earns high marks for outdoor recreation opportunities, culture/arts, affordability, weather and more according to US News’ Best States rankings.

Can’t-Miss Cities and Regions

From Appalachian trails to Memphis barbecue to Nashville honky tonks, compelling adventures unfold across Tennessee’s three grand divisions:

East Tennessee

Home to Great Smoky Mountain National Park, America’s most visited national park, East Tennessee delights outdoor enthusiasts with peaks topping 6,000 feet, over 800 miles of hiking trails, fishing, horseback riding and more. The lively city of Knoxville provides a great home base.

Middle Tennessee

The heartbeat of Tennessee radiates from fun-loving Nashville, with its famous Music Row and Country Music Hall of Fame drawing aspiring musicians. Nicknamed the “Athens of the South,” cultured Chattanooga also inhabits the Cumberland Plateau with gorgeous river and mountain views.

West Tennessee

You can’t mention Tennessee without paying homage to “The King” in Memphis, where Elvis Presley’s Graceland estate welcomes over 500,000 visitors yearly. The vibrant city also provides barbeque nirvana and tours of historical Beale Street where the blues was born.

With such diversity across cities and landscapes, Tennessee has something to offer almost everyone seeking to embrace that special southern state spirit.

Moving Logistics

If Tennessee keeps calling your name, let’s explore top relocation logistics to smooth the transition:

Licenses and Registration

You’ll legally need to transfer driver’s licenses, update registrations, and notify your insurance company upon moving to Tennessee. Most new residents must get this done within 30 days of arrival.

Required documents generally include:

  • Current driver’s license
  • Proof of vehicle insurance
  • Social security documentation
  • 2 Documents confirming Tennessee residency (lease, utility bill etc)

New Tennessee residents must also pass a standard vision test and sometimes emissions inspection depending on the vehicle. Overall it costs $28 for a driver’s license and $26.50 per vehicle registration.

Notifications and Address Changes

Don’t forget to submit postal address changes to ensure mail forwarding, update accounts with banks/credit cards, notify subscription services and alter bills paid automatically through credit cards or bank accounts.

Updating the address on legal documents is also essential. These identity verifications often require visiting offices in-person with notarized paperwork.


Contact electric, gas, cable/internet, garbage collection and other home service providers in your new neighborhood to begin or transfer accounts. Schedule service start dates to coincide closely with your move-in timeline.

Finding Movers

Solicit free moving quotes from multiple Tennessee moving companies. Be sure to compare factors like:

  • Licensing/insurance
  • Experience reviews
  • Response times
  • Transport methods
  • Rates + potential fees

Ask about value-added assistance with packing supplies, storage, specialty item moving and more. Optimize costs by avoiding summer peak season and handling selected tasks yourself.

Additional Moving Considerations

Aside from basic logistics, factor in contingencies like:

Insurance – Release value coverage from movers leaves valuables inadequately covered, so explore added insurance for breakables, antiques, art and more.

Storage – If interim storage is needed during home sales, closings etc, many companies offer 1-3 free months then charge ~$50-$150 monthly depending on unit sizes.

Supplies + packing – Providing your own boxes, tape and packing materials cuts costs significantly over mover-supplied counterparts.

Build these extras into your moving budget as needed with some financial buffer room for incidentals!

Frequently Asked Questions

Before packing those boxes, let’s answer pressing FAQs about the cost of moving to Tennessee:

Is Tennessee actually affordable to live in?

Yes! Tennessee boasts below average living expenses across all budgets. Its cost of living scores 15% below the national benchmark, with housing and goods priced well below most states. Major metros like Memphis and Knoxville offer very reasonable rents and home values too.

What is the job market and economy like?

Opportunity abounds in Tennessee which currently holds unemployment rates below 4%, outpacing most of the country. Job growth is projected to continue increasing over the next decade too according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

How is the weather and climate?

Tennessee enjoys four mild seasons, with summer highs around 90°F and winter lows averaging just above freezing. While rain occurs year-round, annual snowfall is generally under 10 inches except at higher elevations. Autumn brings stunning colors, especially in the Great Smoky Mountains.

What fun things are there to experience?

From toe-tapping honky tonks in Nashville’s Music City to blues on Memphis’ iconic Beale Street, world-class music scenes thrive across Tennessee. Outdoor enthusiasts relish over 50 state parks, lush Appalachian trails and popular attractions like Dollywood. And you can’t forget finger-lickin’ Tennessee barbeque!

Final Takeaways

Tennessee impresses newcomers seeking that special brand of southern charm coupled with vibrant cities and access to impressive nature spanning from Appalachia through the Mississippi Delta.

While Tennessee remains very affordable compared to other destinations, carefully weigh the unique costs of relocating here using the insider guidance above. Understanding factors that influence moving expenses – from home size to mileage – makes it easier to budget wisely.

Remember, the Volunteer State lives up to its name by welcoming newcomers with open arms. Let them make you feel at home during an exciting new chapter embracing everything spectacular about Tennessee!


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