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Of all the interstate movers we researched, Air Van northAmerican stood head and shoulders above the competition when it came to responsiveness, transparency with estimates, damage-free handling of possessions, and overall accountability. With over 1,800 trucks, 40,000 truck shipments per year, 1,500 local agents covering all 50 states, and a real focus on continuous improvement, this mover has the scale, resources and commitment to quality that enables them to provide an exceptionally smooth moving experience despite the complexities of long distance transportation.

Services include:

  • Long distance moves
  • Local moves
  • Full-service moving
  • Corporate relocation
  • Vehicle transport
  • Office moving

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South Carolina Moving Costs

Moving can be an exciting adventure, but it can also be incredibly stressful. As you prepare for your move to the gorgeous state of South Carolina, one of the big questions on your mind is likely “How much is this going to cost me?”

According to recent statistics, the average cost to hire movers and move to South Carolina ranges from $444 for a small studio to $4,498 for a large 5+ bedroom home. However, costs can vary widely depending on the specifics of your move. This guide will break down all the nitty gritty details so you know exactly what to budget for your big move.

In case you still need more information on moving companies and associated expenses, I have published a comprehensive pricing overview of the highest rated moving brands.

Main Factors That Determine Your Moving Costs

When estimating the cost of your South Carolina move, there are three key factors that come into play:

Distance of Your Move

The distance you are moving is a major cost determinant. Are you:

  • Moving within South Carolina? If you’re staying within state lines, you’ll save some money. Intrastate moves average $194 per hour.
  • Coming from out of state? Crossing state lines means pricier long-distance transportation. Interstate movers typically charge around $531 per hour.
  • Traveling long distances? The farther your move, the more you’ll pay for things like fuel, labor hours, and other incidentals. Expect each additional mile to add $1-14 to your total bill.

While settling down in South Carolina is idyllic, moving here from farther away like California or New York can get pricey. Make sure to account for the mileage from your origin to your new Palmetto State pad.

Size of Your Move

The quantity of stuff you need moved plays a pivotal role as well. At a baseline level:

  • Smaller moves = fewer hours needed = lower overall cost
  • Bigger moves = more hours and labor required = higher price tag

As a rule of thumb, studio and 1-bedroom moves average 2 movers and 4 hours while a massive 5+ bedroom home requires 5 movers and nearly 10 hours to move. Make sure your quote fits your unique move size.

Type of Move

You also have options when it comes to the moving process itself:

  • DIY rentals are the cheapest but most labor-intensive option. You handle loading/unloading but it can save you around 50% over hiring pros. Just beware of unforeseen costs like rental fees, insurance, equipment rental, storage fees and more.
  • Full service movers provide door-to-door relocation with packing/unpacking assistance. This premium convenience costs more but includes end-to-end moving coordination.
  • Partial service strikes a balance; movers transport your belongings while you handle packing yourself. This middle ground saves money but leaves the dusty work to you.

There are also niche options like shipping a vehicle or moving specialty items. Pick the method that fits your move the best.

Exact Cost to Move In South Carolina

Now that you know the key details that go into South Carolina moving quotes, let’s break it down with actual price averages for your upcoming change of address. Based on extensive data aggregated across thousands of moves, you can expect to pay in these general ballpark ranges:

  • Studio move: $444 total
  • 1 Bedroom move: $638 total
  • 2 Bedroom move: $1,063 total
  • 3 Bedroom move: $2,527 total
  • 4 Bedroom move: $2,906 total
  • 5+ Bedrooms move: $4,498 total

Other key details:

  • Hourly labor rates for movers increase as the size of move goes up
  • Larger homes need more hours, movers and have higher overall price tags

Use this as a cheat sheet and tailor to your unique constraints.

Some key things that likely stand out: larger homes with more bedrooms naturally require more hours, more movers, and ultimately higher total moving costs. As you’d expect, moving a spacious house is pricier than a cozy apartment. You’ll also notice that hourly labor rates increase as move complexity rises; more movers equals a higher cost per hour.

Use this table as a cheat sheet to estimate how many hours your move will need, how much each hour will cost in labor fees, and what to potentially budget in total.

And while intrastate rates are included, keep reading for more details on specialized long distance interstate quotes if that’s your situation.

Types of Moving Services Available

South Carolina offers a spectrum of moving services. Figuring out exactly what level you need can further help refine costs. Let’s explore your main options:

Full Service Movers

This traditional door-to-door option remains the most popular for a seamless experience. Your belongings are completely handled start to finish:

  • Professional loaders pack every item with care
  • Your furnishings are transported safely to your new home
  • Everything is unloaded and unpacked neatly into place

You simply kick back stress-free. Of course this premium treatment adds more to your total bill. But convenience pays off if you can fit it in the budget!

Do-It-Yourself Rentals

Renting a truck and moving yourself is the cheapest route. Just know that you’ll earn every penny saved with sweat and sore muscles! Key things to keep in mind:

  • You must buy or rent equipment like trucks, dollies, ramps and furniture pads
  • Storage fees add up quickly if you can’t unload promptly
  • Most injuries and property damage happen with DIY moves – insurance is a smart buffer

Save on moving fees but be prepared for unexpected expenses that sneak up with this option.

Specialty Movers

For pianos, artwork, antiques and other fragile valuables, specialty movers provide white-glove service with precision care. However, beware of premium charges:

  • Special containers & vehicles uniquely tailored to delicate items
  • Expert staff dedicated to exclusive items like art installation or piano tuning after the move
  • More insurance protections often required

If you have priceless possessions, this level of quality care gives peace of mind despite steeper prices.

Selecting Your South Carolina Moving Company

Finding a qualified moving crew you can trust makes all the difference on moving day. But not all movers are created equal when it comes to safety and quality standards. Use these pro tips to pick the best fit:

Verify Credentials & Licensing

A reputable mover should proudly provide:

  • USDOT number: Ensures interstate movers comply with federal safety and transport guidelines
  • SC state license: Confirms required training, credentials and insurance to operate locally

Double check all documentation to avoid rogue operators.

Check Reviews & Ratings

Nothing holds a company more accountable than transparency from past clients. Look for consistencies around:

  • Professionalism in customer approach
  • Care taken packing valuable items
  • Responsiveness addressing issues

Top ratings signal a mover who prioritizes service and satisfaction. A string of complaints should raise red flags.

Get In-Home Estimates

While online calculators help estimate general costs, nothing beats an in-person assessment. Reputable South Carolina movers will provide in-home visits to survey all your belongings and layouts firsthand.

Pay attention to little details during the walkthrough. Are they patient and courteous or pushy and profit-focused? It also never hurts to ask for a little wiggle room or discounted rates!

Strategies For a More Affordable Move

Even with the inevitable costs, a few clever hacks can help you save a few precious dollars:

Time Your Move Strategically

If possible, avoid relocating in summer. With kids out of school, more families opt to move in June, July and August. Increased demand allows movers to charge premium seasonal rates. For cheaper movings costs, consider:

  • Fall (September/October)
  • Winter (November – February)
  • Spring (March – May)

With weather delays less likely, you often stand the best chance of smooth travels during these shoulder seasons.

Declutter Ruthlessly

Take the opportunity to clear out clutter before packing up. Hold a garage sale for unwanted goods. Donate gently used items if throwing them away pains you.

Remember – every single additional pound you move equals greater fuel, time and labor costs. Travel light to keep moving bills lower.

Get Multiple Bids

Much like buying a car, collecting different quotes encourages healthy competition between moving companies vying for your business. Be upfront about your exact needs and layout. Locking down final pricing in writing sets clear expectations all around.

With some creative hunting and bargaining, you can likely secure 5-15% savings off standard costs. Every dollar counts when moving such long distances.

Special Considerations For Long Distance Interstate Moves

If you are moving long haul to South Carolina from across state lines, you face extra moving costs considerations from local intrastate relocations.

  • Approximate Driving Distance
    • Under 100 miles: $3,500
    • 200 miles: $4,100
    • 500 miles: $6,200
    • 1,000 miles: $8,300
    • 2,000+ miles: $12,000+

As evidenced above, longer travel distances mean pricier moving bills on average. Some variables that further increase expenses for far away interstate moves include:

  • State taxes, tariffs, fees entering South Carolina
  • Overnight lodging & meal costs for moving crew
  • Fuel costs and wear & tear moving large trucks greater distances
  • Storage fees if homes sell at different times across states
  • Shipping household items vs driving a moving truck

The moral of the story? Brace for higher budgets when traversing multiple state lines. Consider downsizing before a long trek or buying replacement furniture upon South Carolina arrival to lighten the load.

Every long haul moving company also offers flexible packages to align with unique long distance needs:

  • Basic transports your core household items at a baseline price
  • Premium includes extra padding, insurance and express transport for fragile possessions or timed moves
  • Deluxe features end-to-end white glove service with packing, customized transportation plans and priority item installation

Evaluate all the particulars of your specific out of state move to pick the tier matching your budget and priorities.

5 Great Things About Living In South Carolina

If the moving logistics has you questioning your decision to relocate to South Carolina, remember – there are so many amazing perks to look forward to by moving here! Like:

  1. Nearly 2,900 hours of sunshine annually with stunning beaches
  2. Low property taxes averaging under 1% for affordable home ownership
  3. Plentiful outdoor recreation like golf, fishing, hiking and more
  4. No state income tax on retirement income to stretch savings further
  5. Southern hospitality and vibrant cities overflowing with small town charm

Keep your eyes on the prize of an incredible lifestyle upgrade in your new southern home!


While moving costs can be unpredictable, understanding the key variables helps set realistic budgets. Do your homework on miles, possessions, and services needed. Vet movers thoroughly and hunt for savings. Then get ready to embrace an amazing new life as a South Carolina resident!


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