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Moving to Rhode Island: Costs and FAQs

So you’re considering a move to the Ocean State? As a Rhode Island resident myself who has moved several times, I know firsthand how confusing and expensive relocating can be. But not to worry – this guide will break down everything you need to know about calculating your move costs.

With its beautiful beaches and picturesque little towns, there’s plenty to love in the nation’s smallest state. But between housing prices 22% above the national average and lengthy commute times attributed to poor infrastructure, Rhode Island still poses livability challenges. Weigh cost and quality of life factors carefully as you plan!

If you still have questions about movers and costs, I have a detailed pricing guide on top-rated moving companies.

Costs of Hiring Professional Movers in Rhode Island

Full-service professional movers undoubtedly simplify the relocation process. But that convenience comes at a steep price. Here are average hourly rates and total moving costs to expect:

Studio/1 Bedroom

  • Avg. Total Cost: $439
  • Cost/Hour: $126
  • Movers: 2
  • Hours: 3

Relocating a small Rhode Island studio or one-bedroom by pro movers runs about $439 total. This covers two movers for three hours at $126 per hour.

2-3 Bedrooms

  • Avg. Total Cost: $1,318
  • Cost/Hour: $212
  • Movers: 3-4
  • Hours: 5-8

For a typical Rhode Island two/three-bedroom apartment or house move, expect costs around $1,318. You’ll need a three to four person crew for five to eight hours at $212 per hour.

4+ Bedrooms

  • Avg. Total Cost: $2,562
  • Cost/Hour: $297
  • Movers: 4-5
  • Hours: 9-10

Moving a large four-plus bedroom Rhode Island home generally runs approximately $2,562. This allows for four to five movers working for nine to ten hours at $297 per hour.

On-site estimates always help establish accurate pricing based on your particular situation. Don’t be shy about requesting a few!

Interstate Rhode Island Moving Company Rates

  • Rhode Island to California: $3,959–$6,968
  • Rhode Island to New York: $1,156–$3,143
  • Rhode Island to Illinois: $2,385–$5,275
  • Rhode Island to Texas: $3,071–$5,541
  • Rhode Island to Arizona: $3,428–$6,077

As shown above, even a local Rhode Island move gets pricey fast. And if going out-of-state, plan for serious sticker shock moving half way across the map!

Alternate Rhode Island Moving Options

If a full-service moving company is outside your budget, consider:

Truck Rentals

A cost-effective but more hands-on option is to rent your own U-Haul or other moving truck. Different sizes and average per day rates:

  • 10-foot truck: $50
  • 16-foot truck: $75
  • 26-foot truck: $125

Remember to also budget for mileage (around $0.89 per mile) and insurance fees too though!

Moving Containers

PODS and other portable container companies make self-moving hybrid options easier. After you pack it up, they even truck your container for you. But expect extra storage fees in transit:

  • Avg. monthly storage fees: $150-$250

So don’t drag your feet unloading when it arrives!

Freight Shipping

For long distance Rhode Island moves, enclosed freight trailers allow full custom packing. Just keep in mind high ownerships costs:

  • Base per-mile rate: $3-$5
  • Fuel surcharges: $0.35-$0.85 per mile

Key Rhode Island Moving Cost Factors

Regardless of your moving method, several particulars specific to the Ocean State will sway overall spend:

Rhode Island State Regulations

  • Movers must register with the Public Utilities Commission
  • Released value protection caps damages unless added insurance purchased

Best Rhode Island Places For Families

  • Middle school test scores rank #32 nationally
  • Bristol, Glocester have lowest crime

Rhode Island Employment Opportunities

  • Education, healthcare, hospitality hiring
  • Providence unemployment dropped 1.9%

Healthcare Access & Options In Rhode Island

  • 94% insured rate
  • Well-ranked regional hospital networks

Rhode Island Weather & Climate

  • 80 inches average yearly snowfall
  • High humidity index in summers

Let this overview guide your Rhode Island moving budgeting beyond strictly cost concerns to quality lifestyle factors too!

Strategies To Reduce Rhode Island Relocation Expenses

Trimming ancillary costs makes hitting your Rhode Island moving budget easier:

  • Hold garage sales immediately to avoid double moves
  • Use wardrobes/sheets/towels as DIY packing materials
  • Compare estimates from multiple licensed movers
  • Schedule during cheaper fall/winter off-peak moving months
  • Get moving boxes/supplies from free reuse programs
  • Track detailed expenses to maximize tax deductions

Additional Relocation Considerations

Beyond solely cost factors, keep these other key points in mind when moving your household:

Best Places for Families

  • School districts – RI middle school math/reading scores rank #32
  • Lowest crime rates – Bristol, Glocester, Portsmouth top the list

Employment Opportunities

  • Major industries – Healthcare, education, hospitality sectors hiring
  • Job growth – Providence metro unemployment dropped nearly 2% last 2 years

Healthcare Access & Options

  • 94% insured rate
  • Excellentregional hospital networks

Transportation Infrastructure

  • Worst road/bridge quality in U.S.
  • Lengthy average commute times

Weather & Climate Conditions

  • Hot, humid summers
  • Very cold, snowy winters

Factor these qualitative measures in before deciding to move your household. Quality of life matters too!


Beyond strictly financial considerations around hiring movers, also reflect holistically on your lifestyle priorities before committing to an interstate Rhode Island move.

Run the numbers on big picture regional differences factored over years, not just the relocation itself. How do incomes, taxes, rents/mortgages, and overall cost of living compare? Can you sustainably afford the area long term?

And look closely at quality of life metrics too – weather, commutes, infrastructure, crime rates, and other local characteristics that determine livability. Rhode Island poses below average figures in several categories that may irritate in the long run.

Finding the right state to call home depends enormously on your personal situation, interests, career path goals, and so much more. Make sure Rhode Island checks ALL your boxes before pulling the trigger.

In closing, moving to any new area represents a multifaceted major life change filled with challenges but also opportunities. Avoid knee-jerk decisions one way or the other. Weigh total benefits against total costs meticulously for wisest outcomes. Let me know any other questions!


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