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Of all the interstate movers we researched, Air Van northAmerican stood head and shoulders above the competition when it came to responsiveness, transparency with estimates, damage-free handling of possessions, and overall accountability. With over 1,800 trucks, 40,000 truck shipments per year, 1,500 local agents covering all 50 states, and a real focus on continuous improvement, this mover has the scale, resources and commitment to quality that enables them to provide an exceptionally smooth moving experience despite the complexities of long distance transportation.

Services include:

  • Long distance moves
  • Local moves
  • Full-service moving
  • Corporate relocation
  • Vehicle transport
  • Office moving

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What’s the Price Tag on Moving to Pennsylvania?

I know you’re feeling frustrated trying to figure out the cost of moving to Pennsylvania. Believe me, I’ve been there! Moving can be stressful enough without worrying about budget. But have no fear, I’m here to walk you through everything you need to know to plan your move to the Keystone State.

How Much Does It Cost To Move To Pennsylvania? can vary widely based on factors like the size of your move and whether you’re moving locally within the state or long-distance from out of state. The average cost to hire professional movers ranges from $439 for a small studio to over $4,000 for a large 5+ bedroom home.

Still unsure which mover to pick? My guide compares prices from Pennsylvania’s top-rated brands.

Average Cost to Hire Movers in Pennsylvania

The cost of your move depends hugely on the amount of stuff you’re taking with you. A studio apartment can typically be moved with 2 movers and a truck in just 3 hours, while a large house might require a team of 5 movers working for 2 full days.

Here’s a breakdown of average costs by home size:

Studio Apartment

  • Average Total Cost: $439
  • Cost per Hour: $179
  • Number of Movers: 2
  • Hours: 3

1 Bedroom Home

  • Average Total Cost: $618
  • Cost per Hour: $179
  • Number of Movers: 2
  • Hours: 4

2 Bedroom Home

  • Average Total Cost: $1,011
  • Cost per Hour: $250
  • Number of Movers: 3
  • Hours: 5

3 Bedroom Home

  • Average Total Cost: $2,364
  • Cost per Hour: $351
  • Number of Movers: 4
  • Hours: 8

4 Bedroom Home

  • Average Total Cost: $2,714
  • Cost per Hour: $351
  • Number of Movers: 4
  • Hours: 9

5+ Bedroom Home

  • Average Total Cost: $4,185
  • Cost per Hour: $491
  • Number of Movers: 5
  • Hours: 10

As you can see, costs add up quickly as the size of your household grows! Moving a fully loaded family home can be pricy.

Pro Tip: Get multiple quotes from different moving companies before choosing one. Rates can vary widely.

Local vs Long Distance Moves

Whether you’re moving locally within Pennsylvania or long distance from out of state also makes a major difference in cost. For example:

  • Local move within Pennsylvania: $1,000-$2,300
  • Long distance move from California: $3,700-$6,500
  • Long distance move from Texas: $2,900-$5,600

Top Interstate Moving Routes & Costs

  • Pennsylvania to California: $3,700-$6,500
  • Pennsylvania to New York: $1,300-$3,500
  • Pennsylvania to Illinois: $2,200-$4,700
  • Pennsylvania to Texas: $2,900-$5,600

As expected, moving clear across the country to California costs the most of popular routes, while the shorter trip to the nearby state of New York is the most affordable option.

What Factors Impact the Cost of My Move?

Many variables affect the cost of moving to Pennsylvania, including:

  • Amount of Stuff – Are you moving a fully furnished family home or just the basics to fill an apartment? More items means higher moving costs. Consider decluttering before your move.
  • Distance – Local moves are cheaper than long hauls halfway across the country. Moving within Pennsylvania costs less than bringing a truckload from far away.
  • Type of Move – Doing it all yourself with a rental truck will be cheaper than hiring professional movers who do everything for you. There are also hybrid options like portable moving containers. More on this later!
  • Additional Services – Packing and loading assistance from the moving company adds to your costs. But it might be worth it if you have an overstuffed home or health limitations.
  • Season & Timing – Avoid moving in the busy peak summer season when demand surges. Costs drop in the off-season fall, winter, and spring months.

Okay, now that you know what impacts moving costs, let’s explore your options for the move…

Compare Moving Options: DIY, Professional Movers, or In Between

You’ve got choices in how hands-on you want to be for this relocation:

Full Service Professional Movers

Hiring a full service moving company costs the most but requires the least amount of work on your end. They’ll pack up everything, load and drive the truck across the state, and unload all your stuff neatly into your new home. Some perks include:

  • You avoid physically demanding packing and heavy lifting
  • Items are safely loaded by trained professionals
  • Your possessions are insured against damage while in transit
  • You get to relax on moving day!

Just be prepared for the large price tag that comes with premium moving services.

Rental Trucks

Want to save money moving to Pennsylvania? Going the DIY route with a rental truck from U-Haul, Budget, Penske, or other rental companies lets you move on your own terms without paying for any hired help. But this wallet-friendly option isn’t for the faint of heart! Be prepared for challenges like:

  • You’ll have to do all packing and loading yourself – talk about backbreaking work!
  • Driving an oversized rental truck can be intimidating
  • You might incur fees for going over the allotted rental timeframe
  • Items aren’t covered if they get damaged (unless you purchase extra insurance)

Moving Containers

Strapped for cash but intimidated by driving a gigantic moving truck halfway across the state? Portable moving containers give you an affordable middle ground option! Companies like PODS deliver a container right to your door, where you can conveniently pack it on your own timeline. You don’t have to stress about driving a truck or fitting everything in one trip.

Once it’s loaded up, the moving company transports your container directly to your new home or a storage facility. This hybrid approach comes with perks like:

  • Convenience of packing yourself without rental truck worries
  • Storage options if your new home isn’t move-in ready yet
  • Lower costs than full service movers

If you decide to use a moving container, be sure to secure your valuables as the unit may sit for a bit before being transported.

Vehicle Shipping Companies

Moving your household isn’t the only major relocation cost. If you plan to take cars or other vehicles with you, vehicle transport companies can safely ship your ride door-to-door. This spares you from either driving hundreds of miles yourself or paying someone to do it for you.

Rates vary greatly based on factors like vehicle type, distance, timing, and insurance inclusions. But as a ballpark figure, expect to spend $800 to $1,200+ to ship a standard sedan or small SUV within the Mid-Atlantic region. Costs go up for cross country transport to the West Coast.

Tip: Book car shipping 4-6 weeks in advance for best rates and availability.

Mix and Match Moving Services

Every move has unique needs and challenges. The good news is you can customize your relocation by mixing and matching services:

  • Hire movers to handle heavy furniture only
  • Rent a truck for small items and tuck special possessions safely into a moving container
  • Use containers for storage if your new home needs repairs before move-in
  • Ship vehicles and transport other items yourself

Get creative to make your move to Pennsylvania stress-free while staying on budget!

Pennsylvania Moving Company Regulations

Before choosing a moving company, double check they follow all state regulations. Long-distance movers crossing state lines must be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Intrastate movers operating only within Pennsylvania should be licensed by the Public Utility Commission. Reputable companies will happily provide their license info.

Always vet movers thoroughly and ensure they carry cargo insurance. Ask about their claims process in case anything gets accidentally damaged during transport.

What’s the Overall Cost of Living in Pennsylvania?

Beyond moving expenses, consider the general affordability of living in Pennsylvania once you get settled. Luckily, costs are below the national average for things like:


  • Avg Home Price: $254,802 (Nat’l Avg: $316,158)
  • Avg Rent (1 br): $958 (Nat’l Avg: $1,315)


  • Dozen Eggs: $4 (Nat’l Avg: $5.16)
  • Loaf of Bread: $3 (Nat’l Avg: $3.69)
  • Gallon of Milk: $1 (Nat’l Avg: $3.19)

With housing and food costs coming in under national averages, Pennsylvania offers an affordable standard of living outside of major cities like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Moving into Philadelphia? Read This First

Ah, Philly. Where brotherly love meets underdog grit and greased light poles.

Relocating to the City of Brotherly Love? As an East Coast metropolis, Philadelphia poses unique challenges like heavy traffic, scarce street parking, and winter weather impacts. Arm yourself with knowledge before moving day:

Research Permit Requirements
Snagging parking in Philly streets or loading zones may require advanced reservations or permission slips from management companies.

Know Your Route
Scope out width restrictions, overpasses, and other hazards for the moving truck. Tight turns and traffic jams spell disaster (and costly service fees if you run over the rental timeframe).

Time it Right Avoid scheduling at the peak of summer heat when everyone wants to move. Opt for a spring or fall move before the winter weather hits.

Consider Hybrid Services Combining moving trucks with portable storage units helps dodge parking challenges and on-street loading issues.

The Takeaway

There you have it! A comprehensive guide to the cost of moving to Pennsylvania. Now that you know what to expect, you can confidently budget and choose services for a smooth transition.

Here are key takeaways:

  • Moving costs fluctuate based on amount of items, trucking distance, etc.
  • Long distance moves cost more than local
  • DIY trucks provide the cheapest option
  • Professional movers offer premium services for busy people but cost a premium
  • Hybrid approaches balance convenience and affordability

Whew, all this moving stuff is tiring to even just talk about! But you can make it a smooth process with the right game plan. Best of luck with your upcoming move to Pennsylvania! Let me know if any other questions come up. Happy trails!


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