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Of all the interstate movers we researched, Air Van northAmerican stood head and shoulders above the competition when it came to responsiveness, transparency with estimates, damage-free handling of possessions, and overall accountability. With over 1,800 trucks, 40,000 truck shipments per year, 1,500 local agents covering all 50 states, and a real focus on continuous improvement, this mover has the scale, resources and commitment to quality that enables them to provide an exceptionally smooth moving experience despite the complexities of long distance transportation.

Services include:

  • Long distance moves
  • Local moves
  • Full-service moving
  • Corporate relocation
  • Vehicle transport
  • Office moving

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New Endeavors in Nevada

If a move to the Silver State is on your mind, the cost is surely a major factor in your decision. With its beautiful desert landscapes, vibrant cities like Las Vegas and Reno, and enticingly low taxes, Nevada attracts over 40 million visitors every year.

As a potential future resident, you probably have plenty of practical questions, chief among them being the cost of relocation. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of average moving rates in Nevada for local moves, long-distance moves, specialty items, and more. We’ll also explore additional expenses to account for and tips for keeping your costs low.

While exact prices depend heavily on your specific situation, our goal is to equip you with the information you need to create an accurate moving budget. So let’s get started!

And if you want to look at some recommended moving companies before we get into costs, I did a whole comparison of great services with their pricing in this blog post. That’s a handy place to start your research.

So let’s get started!

Cost to Hire Movers in Nevada

Opting for professional movers may cost more upfront, but eliminates hassles and headaches compared to tackling a move solo. But what exactly can you expect to pay?

Average Cost to Hire Movers in Nevada

Local Nevada moving companies charge between $100-$150 per mover per hour on average. The total number of hours (and therefore overall cost) depends largely on your home’s square footage and possessions needing transport.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Studio apartment – 2 movers for 3 hours at $125/hour per mover = $750
  • 1-bedroom home – 2 movers for 4 hours= $1,000
  • 2-bedroom home – 3 movers for 6 hours = $2,250
  • 3-bedroom home – 4 movers for 8 hours= $4,000
  • 4-bedroom home – 5 movers for 10 hours = $6,250
  • 5+ bedroom home – 5 movers for 12 hours = $7,500

In summary, you can expect to invest anywhere from several hundred dollars for a small apartment to several thousand for a large single-family house.

Factors Affecting Cost

Which specifics play into the quotes moving companies provide? Below are key elements impacting your bill:

Size of Move

Common sense dictates that more belongings and larger furniture equal not only more packing time, but longer loading and offloading duration. If possible, consider downsizing non-essentials before moving day through sales, donations, etc.


Whether relocating locally across town or coming from out-of-state, mileage plays a pivotal pricing role. You simply need more manpower, gas and sheer time for long-distance moves spanning over 50+ miles. Rate hikes apply for extra labor costs.

Type of Move

  • Full-service movers handle literally everything, from supplies and careful packing to gentle transport and placement inside your new home. Convenient yet premium pricing.
  • Truck rentals appeal to DIY-ers on a strict budget, but require serious sweat equity.
  • Portable containers offer nice middle ground – load possessions yourself in advance, then professionals drive the container.
  • For large freight shipping for cross-country relocations, pack your own belongings in a 28+ foot trailer onsite, which drivers transport door-to-door.

Additional Services

From specialty packing for fragile items to storage fees if your new home’s move-in date differs from your old home’s move-out timing to heavy furniture assembly/disassembly, small fees for extras add up. Carefully evaluate what tasks you can realistically tackle solo to avoid nickel-and-diming.

Interstate Relocation Costs

What about moving to Nevada from out-of-state? You’ll pay more thanks to substantially greater distances equating to bigger fuel, time and labor expenses. Here are average interstate quotes based on Route length:

  • Nevada from California: $2,500 – $4,800
  • Nevada from Texas: $3,000 – $5,700
  • Nevada from Illinois: $3,300 – $6,200
  • Nevada from New York: $4,200 – $7,900
  • Nevada from Florida: $4,100 – $7,700

In general for coast-to-coast moves exceeding 2,500+ miles, budget around $5,000 at minimum.

Specialty Moving Fees

When unique items like boats, pianos, hot tubs or gun safes enter the mix, costs rise thanks to mandatory custom crating materials plus extra manpower and moving precautions. Expect to pay an additional $250 to $2,000 for these special transport situations. Confirm inclusion of all specialty pieces in initial quotes.

Auto Transport Expenses

Finally, if you need to relocate vehicles along with household items, tack on roughly $1,500 per car. Enclosed shipping with gentle handling bumps quotes closer to $2,000 for luxury models.

Other Potential Moving Expenses

Beyond direct moving company rates, weighing affordability factors around Nevada’s general cost of living merits consideration too for folks relocating from substantially pricier (or cheaper) regions.

Cost of Living Comparison

The cost of living in Nevada tracks extremely close to national averages at 105. This means that most day-to-day expenses like groceries, healthcare, utilities, etc. align closely with what you already pay. However, housing pricing do exceed baseline prices in most of the state, specifically in the two main metro regions encompassing Las Vegas and Reno.

Rent Prices

If buying a house in Nevada stretches beyond current budget limits, renting remains fairly affordable statewide:

  • Studio apartment – $750 monthly
  • 1-bedroom unit – $925 monthly
  • 2-bedroom unit – $1,150 monthly
  • 3-bedroom house – $1,575 monthly
  • 4-bedroom house – $1,950 monthly

Nevada Home Values

For those ready to invest in owner-occupied housing, today’s median sales prices for houses currently sit around:

  • $293,000 in Henderson
  • $350,000 in Summerlin
  • $299,500 in Reno
  • $350,000 in Carson City

Income and Salaries

Despite higher-than-average real estate, individual earnings also trend higher than national figures, averaging over $35,000 annually. Nevada supports strong economic mobility especially for skilled professionals in growth sectors like tech, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, construction and more, with average salaries reaching $85,000.

Job Growth Forecasts

Thanks to surging development in municipalities large and small across Nevada, economists anticipate robust employment expansion around 3% year-over-year through 2030.

Moving Options Beyond Hiring Professionals

If sheer sticker shock from full-service movers gives you pause, know that alternatives exist offering savings of 50% or more.

DIY Moving

The most budget-friendly tactic involves renting a truck and wrangling a group of willing pals to help pack boxes, load items carefully onto the truck bed or trailer, drive the load safely cross-town, and unload back into your new Nevada residence. With equipment rental fees starting around just $50 per day and basic moving supplies adding another $100 or so, you can pull off an local move for less than $500 if you put in considerable sweat equity.

The obvious trade-off comes in the form of physical demands carrying heavy furniture like beds, couches, pianos etc. as well as assuming liability for any item damages or personal injuries. And orchestrating long-distance journeys spanning multiple days muddies logistics further. Still, with proper planning and helpers, as well as securely protecting special possessions in advance, DIY moving cuts overall spend drastically.

Full-Service Relocation Companies

In contrast to total self-management, individuals short on time or in need of absolute assurance around large or fragile items shy from messing around with DIY unknowns. Full-service movers oversee everything from initial itemized inventories to careful custom packing to gentle transport and professional placement/setup in your new Nevada home. High-touch customer service and premium responsiveness deserve their higher rates. Customers simply specify move dates and relax on move day.

Rental Trucks

The quintessential moving tactic for decades, rental trucks offer affordability similar to DIY with slightly more convenience thanks to included dollies, furniture pads and basic moving equipment. Companies like U-Haul often station neighborhood locations statewide. You reserve a large box truck or trailer needing only a standard valid driver’s license to maneuver, then load all possessions personally over several hours the day prior to moving day. Return the empty truck upon reaching your destination and only pay for actual rental days/miles rather than hourly labor. Outside of gas and occasional storage fees, the majority of customers spend less than $150 total. Downsides include no help lifting heavy items and little recourse for incidental damages.

Portable Storage Containers

For DIY-ers lacking proper vehicles to transport belongings safely (or concerned about loading/driving complications), portable containers bring best of both worlds. Companies temporarily place empty containers outside your old home for self-guided loading over several days – out of weather elements and with locking doors for peace of mind. Then on moving day, they deliver the packed pods directly to your new Nevada address. While saving on hourly labor, you still benefit from professional transport. Moving containers cost on average $100-$250 monthly depending on container sizes selected and overall rental duration, alongside small delivery/pick-up fees.

Freight Shipping

Perhaps the optimal longer-distance moving strategy minimizing effort and expenses, freight shipping essentially contracts an entire large truck and trailer for transporting household goods. Customers carefully pack all items into crates themselves on-site, securing delicate possessions like dishes and glassware with ample padding in advance. Professionals arrive on moving day with truck and trailer ready to accommodate the entire volume of cargo. Once filled from floor to ceiling by clients, drivers secure the load safely to embark directly to your next residential destination, only needing client assistance again upon arrival to unload. Quoted by cubic mileage and weight rather than hourly billing, freight shipping charges approximately 60% less than full-service movers on average.

Important Nevada Laws and Conditions

While researching moving options, keep in mind a few state-specific regulations and considerations to facilitate smooth planning.

Nevada Transportation Authority

The Nevada Transportation Authority oversees licenses for all commercial trucking and transportation services within the state. Confirm any moving companies you consider carry current NTA compliance. This confirms credibility, insurance coverage and track record upholding ethical business practices when interacting with clients.

Insurance Requirements

Take time to verify what insurance gets included in proposed moving quotes to ensure your items remain protected in event of traffic accidents or incidents causing damages en route. Released value protection covers just 60 cents per pound per item lost or destroyed. Purchase supplementary valuation insurance for 100% replacement cost coverage from either movers or third parties for peace of mind.

Nevada Weather and Climate

Since positioning as the driest state with only 9 inches of annual rainfall on average, dust storms and flash flooding sometimes occur depending on region. While the desert climate draws sun-seekers enjoying 300+ cloudless days for adventures, cold snaps still happen in winter especially in the north. If relocating sight-unseen, research weather norms across cities receiving interest to confirm alignment with preferences year-round. Snowbirds may want to migrate between multiple Nevada homes in different parts of the state.

Saving Money on Your Nevada Move

If quoted moving costs still stretch your budget, fantastic news – many paths exist to curb expenses significantly.

Purge Non-Essentials

Even before contacting moving companies for estimates, take stock of household goods falling into “nice to have but non-essential” status – especially larger furniture items taking up excess space that may prove burdensome rather than beneficial post-move. Holding garage sales, donating to charities and trashing/recycling excess items right off the bat tightens focus on possessions that matter most while eliminating services needed to transport things easily replaceable for less money once getting settled in your new Nevada residence. Just shrinking volume by 25%-30% makes a noticeable dent in moving estimates.

Schedule Off-Season Dates

If timetables allow flexibility, aim to schedule moves in late fall, winter or early spring when demand drops substantially. Summertime’s soaring temperatures deter movers, lowering rates by up to 40% compared to June-August peaks.

Pack Yourself

Just boxing up items in advance knocks out minimum 25% of project timeline that movers otherwise charge top dollar hourly rates for. Protect especially fragile belongings like photo frames, ceramics, or dishware with extra padding using leftover newspaper and towels to prevent breaking.

Use Free Boxes

Check Craigslist & Facebook for locals with surplus moving boxes eager for pickup, or visit eco-friendly retailers like EcoBox for used containers at half the price of new. Newspaper bundles work in a pinch for wrapping as well!

Compare Quotes

Research estimates from at least 3-4 moving companies rather than committing to just one initial non-binding quote. Leverage healthy local market competition to your financial advantage, letting them bid for your business.

The Bottom Line

Expect to budget around $125 per mover per hour as a baseline starting rate when researching estimates, tailored up or down based on size specifications of your living spaces/possessions and distance considerations.

Online moving calculators seamlessly integrate all personalized variables across move dates, locations, home/household details and more to generate updated Nevada quotations on-demand for budgeting ease.

The financial investment pays dividends through access to Nevada’s gorgeous landscapes, weather and booming urban opportunities plus savings on state tax obligations. Here’s to new adventures ahead in the Silver State!


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