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Of all the interstate movers we researched, Air Van northAmerican stood head and shoulders above the competition when it came to responsiveness, transparency with estimates, damage-free handling of possessions, and overall accountability. With over 1,800 trucks, 40,000 truck shipments per year, 1,500 local agents covering all 50 states, and a real focus on continuous improvement, this mover has the scale, resources and commitment to quality that enables them to provide an exceptionally smooth moving experience despite the complexities of long distance transportation.

Services include:

  • Long distance moves
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  • Full-service moving
  • Corporate relocation
  • Vehicle transport
  • Office moving

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Wondering How Much It Costs To Move To New Hampshire?

So you’re thinking of moving to New Hampshire? Well you’re not alone! New Hampshire is becoming an increasingly popular destination, with its low crime rates, excellent job market, and affordable cost of living. How much does it cost to move to New Hampshire? That’s the million dollar question I’m sure is on your mind. 

This guide gives you the full breakdown on what goes into the cost of moving in New Hampshire. We’ll look at things like mileage, home size, and extra fees so you can budget for your specific situation. If you want to check out top moving companies first, I’ve compared quality services with price details in another blog to help start your research


New Hampshire offers something for everyone – vibrant cities, stunning mountain peaks, beautiful coastal views, and quaint New England towns. Before you start packing, it’s important to understand the various factors that impact the cost of a New Hampshire move so you can budget properly.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to plan a smooth, affordable move to the Granite State. We’ll explore the factors that affect cost, see sample price ranges, and discuss money-saving tips. I’ll also share important considerations around insurance, licensing, specialty items, and more.

While a New Hampshire move may require a sizable investment, a bit of planning and research can help you make the transition with ease. So let’s dive in!

Size Matters: How Much Stuff Are You Moving?

When a moving company calculates cost, the first thing they look at is how much stuff you have. The more rooms and overall square footage needed to transport your belongings, the more time and materials the move will require.

Number of Rooms

A studio apartment may only take 2-3 hours to move at $150-$200 per hour. That range jumps up to $200-$300 per hour for a 3-4 bedroom home spanning longer distances. You’re looking at least double the cost.

If you’re moving across town, most companies charge by room. Expect at least 4-6 hours in labor fees alone for a 2-3 bedroom house once loading/unloading time is factored in.

Square Footage

For longer, out-of-state moves, companies usually price by total poundage. This is where square footage comes into play – the larger home, the more items to weigh. Anything over 3,000 sq ft could rack up a $5,000+ moving bill depending on distance. Even if downsizing, remember furnishings from a large property still carries significant heft!

Location, Location, Location: Distance Matters Too

Where you’re moving from and the distance between locations greatly sways cost. Cross-country relocations cost more than in-state moves. New Hampshire’s proximity to major urban hubs also impacts pricing.

In-State vs. Out-of-State

Intrastate (within NH) moves are simplest, charging mostly by hour instead of by weight. For example, Concord to Manchester costs $60-$100 less than Nashua to Boston since it’s shorter mileage. You’ll pocket major savings on labor and gas fees staying within state lines.

Popular Out-of-State Routes

Interstate moves tying together major metros like NH-NYC or NH-Chicago often run promotional discounts because of frequent demand. Expect $500+ in baseline savings through carriers optimizing those routes.

California – Due to the 43+ hour drive between CA and NH, this route starts around $4,500. Large shipments up to a 4 bedroom home average $10,000+.

Texas – You’ll find better rates moving to/from NH and TX given lower demand. Smaller shipments hit the $3,000 mark while larger homes ring in around $7,500.

Illinois – GreaterChicago area moves fall around $4,500+ on average. Less frequent trips mean fewer optimizations by carriers.

Moving Equipment Rentals vs Full Service Companies

How you move – either DIY or hiring a pro moving company – also swings pricing. Self-service trucks offer savings but require heavy lifting. Professional movers charge more but handle the entire process.

Full Service Movers

This convenient, start-to-finish option carries the highest cost but least effort. You simply point and direct while they carefully pack, transport, and unpack your items. Expect to invest $2,500+ for cross-state moves.

Hourly Labor

If you prefer managing the logistics like truck rental yourself, many carriers offer just labor. Helper crews assist with packing or loading/unloading. Hourly rates span $40-$75 per worker depending on team size.

Weight-Based Shipping

Some movers quote price by total poundage moved rather than hourly. Companies dispatch a truck scaled for your belongings’ heft and ship point-to-point. This works better for long distances.

Rental Trucks

Renting your own U-Haul runs cheapest, but you orchestrate it all – packing, loading, driving, finding help. After gas and rental fees, budget $750+ for cross-state one-way journeys. Don’t underestimate the work this option entails!

Shipping Containers

Portable storage containers represent a middle ground between DIY and full-service moves. You pack items into a delivered container on your timeframe. The company transports the loaded unit and you unload upon arrival. Convenient without the rental truck burden!

Additional Services – From Packing to Crating

If you want movers to handle specific tasks like packing or appliance disconnects, add-ons help customize your experience:

Packing and Unpacking

Tired after a day of sorting, lifting, and taping boxes? Let movers handle packing or unpacking for $30-$50 per hour based on team size. Worth every penny if you value your time and energy.

Specialty Item Transport

Shipping vehicles requires a professional auto transport trailer for an additional $600-$1,200 on average. Pianos, hot tubs, and other specialty items also call for an expert touch and specialty equipment.

Crating Service

Worried your expensive flatscreen or antique China won’t survive the journey? For fragile valuables, crating services provide extra padding and protection from $150 per crate and up. Give delicate treasures the care they deserve even if it costs a little extra!

Save More During the Off-Season

Want to score big savings on your New Hampshire move? Aim for Fall/Winter dates when demand drops. Summer sees rates spike nearly 40% or more across popular routes as college students and families relocate most between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Patience pays – you can pocket major discounts simply by postponing a few months. Who wants to move around the holidays anyway when there’s cozying up next to a fire or strolling snowy streets to enjoy? Embrace the season and save your pennies as an added perk!

Compare Multiple Moving Quotes

Like anything, moving company rates vary. Getting quotes from 3-4 well reviewed carriers gives you pricing leverage and the ability to negotiate. Being a savvy shopper wins you the best valued service.

When comparing moving quotes, look closely at:

  • Total price quoted
  • Services covered
  • Add-on fees like packing/unpacking
  • Customer service responsiveness

Trust your gut feeling on movers as much as the math. Reviews also help determine who takes care with belongings and resolves issues if they arise during transport. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions!

DIY Fundamentals: Packing Your Own Boxes

Packing yourself takes time and elbow grease butSkipping professional packing shaves roughly $800+ off a medium distance move. Armed with some Bubble Wrap, newspapers, and moving boxes picked up for free from local stores, protective wrapping ends up only costing $100-200 instead.

Be honest if you realistically have time for self packing. There’s no shame in admitting tape and labels aren’t your thing. But when mapped out across evenings and weekends, packing room-by-room works well for many individuals and families without breaking the bank.

Downsizing: Donating and Purging Before a Move

Before packing boxes, reconsider each item you own. Is this dish set something you use and enjoy? When was the last time you read that book collection from college? Pre-move purging removes items you no longer want or need.

The less you move, the lower your costs. Consider donating goods in gently used condition or reselling quality furniture and decor. What you clear out means more money staying put right in your pocket. Minimalism feels pretty great when it takes the sting out of moving sticker shock!

Use Free Moving Materials – Don’t Buy Boxes!

Did you know most moving supplies can sourced for free if you know where to look? Avoid purchasing boxes and instead check:

Liquor Stores – Sturdy liquor shippers feature handy dividers perfect for protecting glassware and dinner sets. Just call ahead and ask what days deliveries arrive.

Grocery Stores – Fresh fruit and veggies come in strong boxes. Bakeries get daily icing and ingredient deliveries too. Don’t be shy – offer to take a few off their hands to support your move.

Big Box Retailers – Stores like Walmart, Target and appliance dealers receive frequent shipments and always have leftover boxes. They’re usually happy for customers to take these space-hogging rectangles off site.

Your Workplace – Offices generate lots of paper ream boxes we use daily in copy machines and printers. Ask colleagues in advance and collect clean empties.

Consider Portable Units for Interim Storage

Here’s an insider tip to make long-distance moves more affordable – portable moving containers. This semi-DIY approach works great when you need items easily accessible for weeks after moving out but before your new home is ready.

Portable units station a secure container at your location to pack on your own timeline. When ready, an attached shipping company transports the fully loaded chamber door-to-door. You simply unload upon arrival.

Storage containers cost roughly $100-$250 monthly depending on size needs. It solves hassles trying to cram a household into a short-term rental or storage locker in the interim. Well worth investigating!

New Hampshire Has No Sales Tax – Save Big Time Shopping!

When furnishing your new NH home, remember the state has no sales tax! You pocket nearly 10% extra savings on big purchases like mattresses and appliances or everyday essentials like groceries and back-to-school supplies compared with the average state.

NH also carries no personal income tax. Between state tax perks and affordable housing markets poised for growth, it’s a financially savvy area to call home. Who doesn’t love keeping more hard-earned money in their wallet?

Job Prospects Shine Bright in the Granite State

New Hampshire flaunts higher average salaries with a booming economy across healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and technology. With no state income taxes and a very reasonable cost of living, you take home more paycheck dollars.

Low 2.4% unemployment coupled with major business relocations expanding international presence also mean strong job security and growth potential for skilled workers. Bring your career dreams – they can absolutely thrive here!

Insurance Coverage: Protecting Your Belongings

When choosing a moving company, first verify movers carry full liability insurance. This covers replacement value if items become lost or damaged. Standard policies start around $0.60 per pound per item.

For a king size mattress weighing 100 lbs, you’d receive $60 in coverage. However, investing extra in added valuation brings your mattress replacement closer to full market value. Discuss options with movers to determine enough protection.

Also address whether movers carry valid NH state registration. Unregistered movers may lack proper insurance and bonding compared to established companies closely overseeing staff and practices. Don’t take chances – protect yourself and possessions!

Look Into Relocation Assistance Incentives

If moving for a job, ask about relocation assistance packages from NH employers. Tech firms or large healthcare systems often contribute $5,000 or more to defray employee moving costs and ease transitions bringing specialized talent into the region.

Even smaller businesses get creative, advertising remote work weeks, temporary housing stipends, or mileage reimbursement for interview trips and site visits. With competing job markets vying for skilled workers, don’t be bashful to negotiate relocation perks!

Budget for Tips – A Reward for Good Service

Remember to tip movers unless explicitly told gratuity is already included in your final bill (rare but some luxury moving brands operate this way). Budget another 10-15% atop quoted pricing to show crew appreciation.

For exceptional service like carefully disassembling and reassembling complicated furniture pieces, or calmly resolving an unexpected packaging mishap, bump tips up to 20%.

Building rapport and trust with the moving team carrying your life’s possessions goes a long way. Toast new adventures in New Hampshire by toasting an attentive, caring moving crew!

Key Takeaways: Smooth Sailing to NH

The prospect of an interstate move feels daunting but New Hampshire makes transplanting your life an easy transition. With gorgeous landscapes, vibrant culture, and four truly distinct seasons, it’s easy to feel at home.

How much does it cost to move to New Hampshire? While regional factors cause fluctuation, careful planning nets reasonable $3,500 – $7,000 estimates for full-service moves. Arm yourself with accurate pricing knowledge and creative savings tactics to keep your NH relocation running smoothly, on-budget, and adventure-ready!


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