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New Adventures Awaiting You In Nebraska?

Relocating anywhere means weighing endless factors like housing, jobs, taxes, and ultimately…moving costs. How much does it cost to move to Nebraska specifically? This Midwest state may charm new residents with its affordability, yet prove challenging adapting to extreme weather swings. Let’s explore key considerations around transporting your life here.

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Itemizing Moving Expenses to Nebraska

Calculating a total cost of moving starts by itemizing various relocation expenses on your Nebraska-bound checklist:

Moving Company Fees

Hiring pros makes transporting heavy furniture to Nebraska hands-free yet pricey. Average hourly rates run around $115 for two to three movers and a truck. Additional labor and drive time increases rates rapidly:

  • Studio moves cost approximately $369
  • A 1-bedroom apartment averages $531
  • Typical range for a fully packed 2-3 bedroom house falls between $800 – $2000
  • Larger 4-5 bedroom homes run $2500 – $3750

Secure itemized quotes from reputable Nebraska moving companies ahead of time to avoid surprise overages. Discuss bundling packing supplies or storage options that could save money long-term.

Hiring Movers vs DIY Move

Hiring professional movers takes the burden off your shoulders but adds to the cost. Still, it may be worthwhile depending on your situation. On average, hiring movers in Nebraska costs around $115 per hour. Exact prices fluctuate based on factors like:

  • Home size
  • Distance traveled
  • Add-on services

To move a 2-3 bedroom home within Nebraska, expect to invest $800 – $2000 on movers. For a larger house or longer distance, costs increase to $3,000+.

Renting a truck and moving yourself has no labor fees but requires more effort. Truck rentals average $100 – $150 per day plus mileage, while storage containers are about $100 monthly. Compare options to see what fits your needs and budget best.

Renting trucks or pods to move yourself slashes costs but adds effort. Budget around $100 per day for truck rentals or $100 monthly for portable containers. Compare total do-it-yourself move costs below:

  • Studio apartment – $300 – $500
  • 1 bedroom home – $400 – $700
  • 2-3 bedroom house – $600 – $1,000
  • 4+ bedroom house – $800 – $1,500

Keep mileage expenses low by only making one long-haul trip. Or reduce loading/unloading labor using pods that get driven for you automatically.

Additional Relocation Expenses

On top of physical moving logistics, those relocating to Nebraska incur taxes on imported vehicles plus administrative hassles like:

  • Obtaining a new Nebraska license and registering your car locally
  • Paying sales taxes on imported vehicles around 5% of market value
  • Setting up new utility accounts for electricity, gas, internet, etc.
  • Researching renter’s or homeowner’s insurance providers

These tedious tasks chip away at your moving budgets initially. But once settled in Nebraska, costs balance out thanks to affordable housing and incomes slightly above national averages.

Total Cost Range for Relocating to Nebraska

Tallying up all moving-related costs involved with relocating to Nebraska, price ranges typically shake out as:

  • Studio apartment move – $700 – $900
  • 1 bedroom move – $1,000 – $1,500
  • 2-3 bedroom move – $1,500 – $3,500
  • 4+ bedroom move – $2,500 – $5,500

Of course, personalized variables like distance traveled and quantity of belongings affect your quote. Use online moving cost calculators to receive accurate estimates.

Why Nebraska Attracts New Residents

Beyond surface-level affordability luring new residents, Nebraska offers a robust job market coupled with high quality of place perks.

Flourishing Career Opportunities

Nebraska wins over professionals across many flourishing industries like agriculture, finance, manufacturing, and IT startups comprising “Silicon Prairie”. Reasons for optimism include:

  • Very low 2.8% unemployment rate
  • Strong hiring demand for engineers, nurses, accountants, etc.
  • High salaries ranging from $56,000 up to $250,000+

Major employers Mutual of Omaha, Berkshire Hathaway, and Kawasaki Motors drive local economies. Young college grads also find ample startup jobs.

Low Cost of Living Incentives

Nebraska’s overall cost of living stays nearly 10% under national averages. These savings get realized through:

  • Housing prices averaging 30% below U.S. costs
  • Groceries ringing up 4-8% cheaper
  • Income levels matching national averages

Between affordable real estate and consumer goods, Nebraska stretches your dollar over 15% farther than elsewhere.

Highly Ranked Lifestyle

Migrated families settle nicely in Nebraska thanks to its friendly culture, low crime rates, and nationally ranked education. Reasons beyond jobs and finances that make relocating here worthwhile include:

  • #7 rated school systems led by the University of Nebraska
  • Violent and property crime rates below U.S. averages
  • Tight-knit Midwest community values

These underrated perks improve livability in the Cornhusker State.

Where to Call Home in Nebraska

Finding your perfect Nebraska headquarters depends on lifestyle needs and budget. Here are three vibrant cities attracting newcomers that warrant consideration:

Livable Omaha

As the state’s largest metropolitan area, Omaha dazzles new residents with plentiful amenities yet without big city headaches. Reasons it ranks so livable include:

  • Median home values of $168,000 nicely below average
  • Average rents around $950/month
  • Low 2.1% unemployment rate signalling a healthy job market

Between reasonable affordability, career opportunities, arts entertainment, and nearly everything else imaginable, Omaha makes itself easy to settle into.

Legendary Lincoln

Down the road lies Nebraska’s beloved capital Lincoln, home to the respected University of Nebraska. Lincoln appeals through amenities like:

  • Median home values at $180,400 – 22% below average U.S. pricing
  • Average rent around $871 keeping budgets comfy
  • A lively food scene fueled by the respected Culinary Institute of Lincoln

Recent rapid growth confirms others discover Lincoln’s secret. Its small-town charm yet progressive amenities create an irresistible place to sink roots.

Grand Island Opportunities

Out west, Grand Island emerges as an affordable alternative to the big cities. Relocation advantages include:

  • Home values averaging $146,000 – 37% under national median
  • Below-average 3.2% unemployment signalling jobs exist
  • Only 17 minute average commute times

New residents may endure cold, snowy winters and little nightlife. But Grand Island rewards those seeking shorter commutes with better work/life balance.

Making the Move and Adjusting

Embarking cross-country to entirely new terrain in Nebraska requires getting oriented and prepped for surprises. Winters may prove challenging coming from warmer regions. But embracing the local way of life and sights quickly turns newcomers into happy Cornhuskers.

Transporting Your Life Long-Distance

Moving logistics for those Nebraska-bound include:

  • Sourcing quotes from top-rated moving companies with experience traversing to/from surrounding states
  • For extra savings, do-it-yourself local moves under 50 miles using rented trucks may work
  • Long-distance solo drives in inclement winter weather increase risks of accidents or breakdowns, so research all travel insurance options in case delays arise
  • Ship specialty items like boats/RVs separately using freight movers accustomed to Great Plains road routes

Proper planning prevents headaches for smooth Nebraska arrivals enabling quicker focus shifting to getting settled in.

Acclimating to Nebraska’s Climate and Culture

Nebraska’s extremes of both blistering and bitterly cold weather plus itslaidback rural culture take adjustment. Helpful things to know include:

  • The eastern half sees hot, humid summers with winter averages around 20°F. Beware heavy snow and icy storms blowing down from Colorado’s Rockies.
  • Out west, a semi-arid climate brings less rain but scorcher summers exceeding 90°F and frigid winters frequently dipping below zero overnight.
  • Much of Nebraska sits smack in Tornado Alley, so home insurance coverage for twisters poses an essential upfront expense.
  • Speaking of insurance, don’t skimp on policies with substantial deductibles – unexpected veterinary bills from prairie rattlesnake bites or farming accidents add up.
  • Neighborliness and community run deeply here – get used to smile nods and lengthy conversations with locals curious about new faces.

Luckily, Nebraskans pride themselves on swiftly assimilating transplant neighbors through potlucks and high school football games into their inner circles.

Enjoying Life in the Cornhusker State

Once moved in, indulging this state’s pleasures makes laying permanent roots irresistible. Top attractions include:

  • Omaha’s world class Henry Doorly Zoo with the country’s largest indoor rainforest and aquarium shark tunnels
  • Lincoln on game days for Huskers college football sees the entire state sport red attire and sell out 90,000 seat capacity Memorial Stadium
  • The outback Sandhills charm through peaceful serenity comforting the soul – just you and grasslands spanning 19,000 miles dotted with grazing cattle plus colorful prairie wildlife
  • Quench thirsts at one of 125 craft breweries while debating best Nebraska inventions like Kool-Aid, CliffsNotes, or the Reuben sandwich
  • Chow down on juicy Omaha Steaks or sweet Dorothy Lynch dressing you’ll now buy by the gallon

This tastes just a sampling of endless Cornhusker State charms rewarding those who wisely call it home long enough to fully discover.


Deciding whether moving to Nebraska fits your temperament and budget means weighing polarizing extremes – literally. While job prospects look fruitful and settle-in costs stay reasonable overall, adapting to dramatic climate swings tests one’s grit.

Yet those who persevere discover outsized rewards in its unhurried pace and closely intertwined community connections. Where else do educated software developers code cutting edge agricultural tech by day then kick back watching youth rodeo competitions chatting with farmers at dusk? This delightful culture fusion typifies Nebraska’s one-of-a-kind charm.

Arm yourself with this guide so moving costs and climate surprises won’t catch you unprepared. Then brace for welcoming Midwest hospitality as you put down fresh roots nourished by Nebraska’s fertile soil. In no time, you too will proudly call this unique state home sweet home.


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