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Cost Of Moving To North Dakota

North Dakota is a popular destination for people looking to enjoy affordable living, a strong job market, and amazing outdoor recreation. But before you pack up and head to the Peace Garden State, the inevitable question arises: how much does it cost to move to North Dakota?

This guide gives you the full lowdown on what impacts the cost of moving within North Dakota. We’ll look at things like mileage, home size, packing fees – everything that factors into your budget. You’ll get typical price ranges for different sized moves so you know what to expect. If you want to peek at some top notch moving companies first, check out my other recent blog. I compared high-quality services across the state with detailed pricing to give you a jumpstart on researching the best fits.

Cost to Move to North Dakota

Moving can get pricey, but having a handle on the average moving costs can help you budget and plan. The cost to hire professional movers in North Dakota ranges widely depending on the size of your move, additional services, and other factors.

Cost to hire professional movers

Full-service moving companies take care of the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. They’ll pack and load your items, transport them safely to your new home, and even unpack if you wish. This convenience comes at a cost, with average hourly rates in North Dakota as follows:

  • 2 movers – $99 per hour
  • 3 movers – $139 per hour
  • 4 movers – $194 per hour
  • 5 movers – $272 per hour

To give you a better idea, here’s what you can expect to pay total for a full-service move in North Dakota based on home size:

  • Studio apartment – $377
  • 1 bedroom home – $516
  • 2 bedroom home – $820
  • 3 bedroom home – $1,870
  • 4 bedroom home – $2,142
  • 5+ bedroom home – $3,278

The exact cost will depend on additional factors like distance traveled, flight of stairs, and narrow doorways that might slow down the moving crew. Things like packing and unpacking services will also bump up the price but may be worth it for the extra help!

DIY moving options

If you really want to pinch pennies, consider tackling parts of the move yourself:

Rental trucks – You drive the truck while your family and friends do the loading and unloading. Costs start around $100 per day.

Moving containers – Portable container units are loaded at your old home and trucked to your new one. You pack it up yourself. Average cost is $700-$800 depending on container size.

Freight shipping – You pack goods into a 28-ft shipping container that gets trucked cross-country at affordable rates. Ideal for simplifying long-distance moves.

Going the DIY route will save money but requires more physical effort. Make sure to account for rental fees, insurance, mileage, and perhaps some pizza & beer for your helpers!

Interstate moving costs

For those moving from out-of-state, long-distance movers transport your belongings 500+ miles. Cost averages $3,500+ for a move spanning 1,000 miles. Frequent routes in/out of North Dakota fall within the following ranges:

To California – $3,650 – $6,910
To New York – $3,599 – $6,890
To Illinois – $2,825 – $6,302
To Texas – $3,164 – $6,722 To Arizona – $3,445 – $6,832

The wide range demonstrates how factors like total mileage and weight carried influence price in unpredictable ways. Be sure to get an accurate estimate from interstate movers upfront.

Factors Affecting Moving Costs

From the amount of stuff you’re moving to the season you decide to relocate, many variables affect the cost to move to North Dakota:

Distance of move

In-town moves are cheapest, while cross-country relocations get pricey. Final cost rises proportionally with more miles traveled.

Number of possessions

The more stuff you move, the more trucks, labor, and supplies are needed. Decluttering beforehand keeps costs in check.

Type of move

As outlined earlier, full-service movers cost more than DIY options but handle the entire process for you.

Additional services

Getting help packing or unpacking may cost $100+ more yet saves physical effort. Determine what help you need.

Time of year

Peak summer moving season can be 20-30% more expensive due to high demand. Save by moving in the fall or winter.

Weight of items

Professional movers transportation rates are partially based on total poundage, including home goods and furniture.

Accessibility challenges

Stairs, narrow hallways, elevators and other impediments may complicate the move, potentially adding fees.

Best Places to Live in North Dakota

Part of calculating the cost to move is determining the best city for your lifestyle, budget and family. Here are top-ranked spots based on population, home values and low unemployment:

  • Lincoln – Population 3,703, 0.5% unemployment rate, $238,200 median home value
  • West Fargo – Population 35,397, 1.5% unemployment rate, $241,000 median home value
  • Beulah – Population 3,235, 0.9% unemployment rate, $196,200 median home value
  • Carrington – Population 2,133, 0% unemployment rate, $139,300 median home value
  • Horace – Population 2,741, 0.3% unemployment rate, $297,800 median home value
  • Stanley – Population 2,655, 0.9% unemployment rate, $178,400 median home value
  • Lisbon – Population 2,009, 0.4% unemployment rate, $117,700 median home value
  • Hazen – Population 2,543, 1.8% unemployment rate, $157,700 median home value
  • Oakes – Population 2,129, 2% unemployment rate, $124,400 median home value
  • Rugby – Population 2,724, 0.5% unemployment rate, $131,300 median home value

This list gives you an idea of affordable, stable areas to call home. Be sure to visit in person to experience the lifestyle and culture you desire.

Tax Situation in North Dakota

Taxes shouldn’t be overlooked when evaluating how much it costs to move to North Dakota. Fortunately, the Peace Garden State remains tax-friendly.

Income tax – Ranges from 1.1% to 2.9%, lower than most states. Sales tax ranges from 5% to 8.5% depending on the city and products.

Property tax – An average effective rate of 0.99% makes owning property affordable.

Gas tax – At 23 cents per gallon on gasoline and diesel, ND falls below the national average.

There are no local income taxes, and incentives offered for agricultural land can further reduce your tax burden. Just beware of higher property taxes in oil-rich western counties.

Job Market and Economy

Part and parcel with North Dakota’s low cost of living is its prospering job market, especially in lucrative fields:

  • Unemployment rate – Currently just 2.3%, less than half the national average.
  • Fastest growing industries include energy, high-tech manufacturing, aerospace, finance and healthcare. Major players like Microsoft, Amazon, Bobcat, and Blue Cross Blue Shield are hiring.
  • Median salaries vary by occupation, but range between $70,000 – $134,000 for skilled professions. Oil industry wages tend to be highest.

A wealth of incentives also encourage business growth and skilled worker relocation. With more career opportunities arising, moving to North Dakota can be a strategic job search play.

Housing Market

You’ll be happy to know that housing remains very affordable in North Dakota, especially compared to national trends. Some key metrics:

  • Average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment runs just $857 per month, almost half the cost of major metros. Rental stock is tight at only 3% vacancy.
  • The median home price sits at $204,500, almost $30,000 less than average American homes. Prices have risen over 50% in the past decade though as demand intensifies.
  • About 70% of households in North Dakota boast ownership status, as mortgage rates have held under 5% fixed. Builders struggle to construct inventory fast enough.

The appeal of inexpensive homes will likely continue driving new residents to North Dakota. Act fast while properties linger at reasonable rates.

Cost of Living Comparison

One major advantage to moving to North Dakota is economic savings thanks to costs tracking 9% lower than national benchmarks.

Overall Cost of Living Index – North Dakota comes in at 96, meaning a dollar stretches 4% further overall on necessities and leisure.

Categorical COL Differences – Groceries cost 5% less here while utilities run 11% cheaper. Critically, housing prices trend 12% lower.

Don’t expect all errands to ring up more affordably. Miscellaneous expenses like entertainment and retail goods exceeded national pricing. But the power to access lower-cost housing and energy more than compensates.

In total, North Dakota retains substantial appeal courtesy of its below-average expenses for both families and individuals.

Lifestyle, Culture and Things to Do

Understanding the lifestyle landscape better informs whether to undertake moving here. Besides a low cost you’ll discover:

Cuisine – Scandinavian and German heritage baked into cuisine means hearty comfort foods prevail like knoephla soup and kuchen cakes. Family recipes get passed down generations.

Attractions – From the unique Enchanted Highway sculpture path to natural wonders like Theodore Roosevelt National Park, road trips unearth hidden gems. Don’t pass up the Wild West town of Medora.

Activities – Long harsh winters see residents embracing outdoor sports with creativity. Come spring, bask in golden prairie as migrating wildlife return to nest anew.

Clearly North Dakotans pride regionally distinct pleasures and enduring kinship that sprouted organically from the prairieland’s fertile soil. The culture gleans richness from its land more than most do. Shouldn’t you come witness the locales granting such inspiration yourself?

Key Takeaways

Evaluating the true cost of putting down roots anywhere requires looking beyond superficial sticker prices to lifestyle gains. Through an affordable lens, North Dakota convinces as a smart choice thanks to:

  • Accessible housing options staying cheaper than national rates
  • A promising job market buoyed by prosperous industries
  • Income tax and property tax burdens resting below average
  • Quintessential Midwestern charm in cuisine and attractions

With strategic planning, moving to North Dakota can prove an economical decision that leads your household to flourish. Don’t merely deliberate if you can manage relocation costs, but weigh carefully future payoffs sure to follow.


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