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Moving To North Carolina

So you’re thinking about moving to North Carolina? You’ve probably heard great things about the mild weather, job opportunities, and lower cost of living. But before you pack up and head to the Tar Heel State, you likely have questions about how much it will cost to move there. This guide will break down the main factors that determine your moving costs, provide average price ranges, spotlight the best cities, share details on the job market and economy, and give you a taste of what North Carolina living is all about. Let’s dive in!

If you want to scout out some top notch moving companies before pricing out the move yourself, check out my other blog. I’ve compared high-quality services across North Carolina with detailed pricing info to give you a head start on researching the best fits for your situation.


Why Make the Move to North Carolina

North Carolina draws over 100,000 new residents each year for good reason – it scores highly on quality of life while maintaining affordability. Here’s a quick look at some of the key benefits attracting people to the state:

Lower Cost of Living

The cost of living in North Carolina is about 10% lower than the national average. Housing costs specifically clock in 29% below average, making homeownership very attainable. This helps offset other costs like food and utilities.

Mild Weather and Geographic Diversity

North Carolina enjoys four gentle seasons without extreme cold or heat. Temperatures typically range from 30-90°F throughout the year. The state also boasts distinct geographic zones like the Atlantic coastline, Appalachian Mountains, rolling piedmont region, and more. So you can find the climate you prefer.

Growing Job Market Across Industries

Major employers like financial services and manufacturing have a strong presence in North Carolina. The state has also developed an impressive technology and healthcare hub in the Research Triangle area. So there are abundant stable career opportunities.

History, Culture, and Natural Beauty

Beyond the economics, North Carolina offers a rich cultural experience through historical sites, a blossoming food scene, college sports, and stunning scenery from the Blue Ridge Parkway to Cape Hatteras. There’s something for everyone to enjoy.

What’s the Cost to Move to North Carolina?

Factors That Determine Your Moving Costs

Moving costs can vary widely depending on your specific situation. Here are the key factors to consider:

Distance of Your Move

Long distance moves covering hundreds or thousands of miles cost more than local moves under 100 miles. You have to account for mileage, gas, lodging, and more days of labor.

Size of Your Move

The quantity of items you’re moving plays a huge role. Are you moving a studio apartment vs. the contents of a 5 bedroom house? More stuff means bigger trucks, longer hours, and higher expenses.

Type of Move

You can try tackling a do it yourself (DIY) move by renting a truck. Hiring professional movers in North Carolina gives you more help but results in higher costs. Shipping with a container also has pros and cons.

Extra Services Needed

Will you pack everything yourself or pay the moving crew to handle it? Do you need storage? Are special equipment or extra labor required to transport pianos/safes? Services add up quickly.

Time of Year

Avoid moving in summer which is peak season. Save 15-25% moving from September to April when costs drop due to lower demand. Just watch for regional winter weather.

Average Cost Breakdown for North Carolina Moves

Let’s explore the typical costs associated with common moving scenarios in North Carolina:

Local Moves – Less than 100 Miles

For short, local moves you typically pay by the hour versus by load weight or mileage. Expect to pay $80-150 per hour depending on crew size:

  • Studio apartment – $300-850 total
  • 1 bedroom house – $480-1350 total
  • 2 bedroom house – $650-1700 total
  • 3 bedroom house – $1200-2800 total
  • 4+ bedroom house – $1500-4000+ total

Out-of-State Moves

For long distance moves crossing 100+ miles, pricing depends more on the weight of items being transporting times a per mile rate. Costs scale up as you move longer distances:

  • North Carolina to neighboring states like Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, or Georgia will cost in the range of $2,000 to $4,000+ on average for a 3-4 bedroom home.
  • Relocating across the Eastern Seaboard to New York or Florida may run you $3,500 to $6,000+
  • Cross country moves to the West Coast in California or the Southwest in Arizona or Texas can cost $10,000+ depending on your possessions.

Additional Fees During Your Move

Beyond the baseline labor and mileage charges, extra costs frequently get tacked on:

  • Packing/Unpacking – Allow the movers to box up your home for $400-800+. Handle it yourself to save money.
  • Furniture Disassembly/Reassembly – Another handy service priced at $150+. But a DIY money saver if you put in effort.
  • Storage – Expect to pay $150-300 per month if items need temporary warehousing.
  • Stairs/Elevators – $100 extra fee per flight to account for the difficulty.
  • Insurance – Go with full coverage for your belongings’ value. An additional 5-10% typically.

As you can see, the total cost to move to North Carolina can really add up once you calculate transportation fees, labor, your special requirements, etc. The good news? There are ways to keep expenses in check…

Slashing Your Moving Budget

Want to curb costs on your relocation to North Carolina? Use these pro tips:

  • Handle as much packing independently as possible instead of paying movers markup
  • Rent a moving truck yourself for the cheapest do-it-yourself option
  • See if a shipping container offers savings over movers for long distance moves
  • Take advantage of off-season moving discounts in the Fall, Winter, and Spring
  • Get quotes from multiple companies and negotiate pricing
  • Protect your investment with affordable insurance through AAA, USAA or other providers

Doing a bit of sweat equity goes a long way. But professionals still ease the burden, especially for intricate maneuvers or time-sensitive situations. Choose what combination works best for you.

Choosing Where to Settle Down

Part of your moving equation involves picking the right North Carolina destination to call home. Let’s explore some can’t miss spots:


As part of the vibrant Research Triangle region, Raleigh scores high marks for education, technology jobs, and culture. It mixes small town charm with smart city amenities and remains very affordable compared to other East Coast hubs. Lots of transplants moving here for work opportunities.


The largest metro in North Carolina, Charlotte offers big city vibes with reasonable costs still. It serves as a major banking center and is slowly developing into a tech hub as well thanks to recent investments. An international airport makes travel accessible.


Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville attracts nature lovers and hipsters alike with its small town feel, culinary scene, and artistic flair. Nearby wilderness areas like the Great Smoky Mountains satisfy outdoor adventurers.


Close beach access and a charming, historic downtown help Wilmington thrive as a vacation and retirement spot. Relax along Cape Fear coastal beaches during the day and enjoy an evening strolling the Riverwalk filled with shops, restaurants, and nightlife options.

Affordable Small Towns

In addition to the popular cities and suburbs, North Carolina contains many smaller countryside havens like Concord, Gastonia, Hendersonville, etc. offering an even lower cost of living and peaceful way of life.

Where you ultimately pick comes down to lifestyle preferences, job considerations, climate, and more. Do your research to find the right fit before packing those boxes!

Employment Prospects in North Carolina

Seeking new career opportunities factored into your relocation decision, right? Well North Carolina boasts a strong, diverse job market across industries:


With elite universities pumping out computer science grads and the Research Triangle’s “Silicon Hills” tech corridor taking off, skilled IT professionals have lots of options. High demand for software developers and systems engineers.


A legacy of furniture, textile, and tobacco production has long anchored North Carolina manufacturing. But aerospace, automotive, biotech and more continue expanding operations here.


Several prominent hospital systems and research centers call North Carolina home. The aging population and influx of new residents gives healthcare workers steady work. Hot roles span physicians, nurses, home health aides and more.


Major banks are headquartered in Charlotte, causing it to rank as the 2nd largest banking center in the nation. So white collar financial jobs stay plentiful despite economic fluctuations.

Navigating a new regional job market can seem overwhelming. Utilize local recruiters and professional groups to build connections in your desired field. Within 6-12 months you should gain your footing!

What Makes North Carolina Special

From its renowned barbecue joints to the first airplane flight, North Carolina has many claims to fame. Here’s more on what makes it a one-of-a-kind destination and a smart choice for relocating:

Scenic Landscapes

You’ll enjoy stunning vistas hiking through the Appalachians, driving the Blue Ridge Parkway, strolling Outer Banks beaches, or exploring waterfalls and state parks across North Carolina’s distinct regions.

Historical Sites

Trace America’s early days touring Colonial Williamsburg or living history museums highlighting North Carolina’s prominence in the Revolutionary War and Civil Rights movement. Don’t miss the Wright Brothers memorial honoring aviation pioneers.

Passionate Sports Fans

North Carolinians bleed their college colors, especially for bitter basketball rivals UNC Tar Heels and Duke Blue Devils. NASCAR originated here too – check out the Hall of Fame or catch a race.

Food and Fun

Beyond BBQ, North Carolina offers an amazing food scene thanks to the temperate climate, agricultural heritage and diverse population blending global flavors. Pair epic meals with dozens of music festivals, zany small town events, and the walkable nightlife strips found statewide.

That Southern Hospitality

Expect warm welcomes, eagerness to help strangers in need, strong community bonds, and an overall positive outlook. Moving somewhere new gets far less intimidating thanks to North Carolinians’ friendly dispositions.

The Tar Heel State strikes a winning balance between economic opportunity, natural beauty, and small town charm. Hopefully this overview gives you ample reasons to start packing those moving boxes destined for North Carolina! Let me know if you have any other questions.


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