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Average Cost To Move To Maryland

So you’re thinking about moving to Maryland? You probably have a ton of questions running through your mind. How much does it cost to move to Maryland? What is the job market like? How good are the schools? Where should I live? This comprehensive guide answers all those key questions and more to help you make the big decision.

This guide covers everything that factors into moving costs. We’ll look at things like distance, packing fees, and more so you can budget for a Maryland move. You’ll get typical price estimates for small, medium, and large moves across the state. If you want to check out top moving companies first, read our recent blog comparing quality Maryland movers with pricing to help start your research.

Average Cost of Hiring Movers in Maryland

Hiring professional movers is the most convenient way to relocate to Maryland. But it often comes with a hefty price tag. On average, you can expect to spend between $410 for a small studio and $3,458 for a large 5+ bedroom home.

The section below breaks down average moving costs by home size when using a Maryland moving company:


  • Average Total Cost: $410
  • Hourly Rate: $145
  • Movers Needed: 2 movers
  • Hours: 3 hours

1 bedroom

Average Total Cost: $555

  • Hourly Rate: $145
  • Movers Needed: 2 movers
  • Hours: 4 hours

2 bedrooms

  • Average Total Cost: $876
  • Hourly Rate: $204
  • Movers Needed: 3 movers
  • Hours: 5 hours

3 bedrooms

  • Average Total Cost: $1,974
  • Hourly Rate: $285
  • Movers Needed: 4 movers
  • Hours: 8 hours

4 bedrooms

  • Average Total Cost: $2,259
  • Hourly Rate: $285
  • Movers Needed: 4 movers
  • Hours: 9 hours

5+ bedrooms

  • Average Total Cost: $3,458
  • Hourly Rate: $399
  • Movers Needed: 5 movers
  • Hours: 10 hours

Key factors that determine how much you’ll pay:

  • Distance – Local moves within Maryland are cheaper than long-distance interstate moves.
  • Weight – The more stuff you’re bringing, the higher the cost.
  • Services – Packing/unpacking assistance and specialty item moving (pianos, etc.) cost extra.
  • Season – Peak summer moving season is up to 30% more expensive.

If relocating from out-of-state, expect to pay:

  • California to Maryland – $3,635-$6,398
  • New York to Maryland – $1,268-$3,446
  • Illinois to Maryland – $2,127-$4,662
  • Texas to Maryland – $2,788-$5,431
  • Arizona to Maryland – $3,230-$5,767

The most accurate way to estimate your unique moving costs is to get a free quote from multiple licensed companies. But use the averages above as a baseline for budgeting purposes.

Other Maryland Moving Options

Rent a Moving Truck

Renting a truck from U-Haul or Budget is the cheapest do-it-yourself option. But it requires significantly more physical labor. Costs vary based on truck size and rental duration.


  • Complete control over move
  • Cheaper than movers


  • No help with packing/loading
  • Must drive the truck yourself

Get a Moving Container

Portable moving containers like U-Pack involve loading belongings into a container onsite. The company then transports it for you.


  • Convenient delivery/pickup
  • Storage capabilities


  • Labor intensive like truck rental
  • Container size limitations

Use Freight Shipping

Freight shipping with a 28 ft. trailer is a solid option for large, long-distance moves. The trailer is loaded at origin and driven to destination.


  • Handles large shipments
  • No size/weight restrictions


  • Requires packing/wrapping items
  • Limited availability in some areas

What is the Cost of Living in Maryland?

Maryland has an overall cost of living that is close to the national average. However, housing and utilities come at a premium compared to other states.

Buying a House

The median home value in Maryland is $402,625. That’s approximately 13% higher than the national median of $356,000. In desired areas like Columbia, Rockville, and Annapolis, houses easily sell for $500k+.

While buying is expensive, 65% of Maryland residents still own their home. The high median income of $98k enables more buyers to enter the market.

Renting a House

If purchasing is out of your price range, expect to pay a pretty penny to rent too. One-bedroom apartments lease for approximately $1,415 per month, 7% above the national one-bedroom average.

Overall, two-bedroom units cost $333 more than U.S. median rent. The priciest rental markets are all situated just outside D.C. or Baltimore.

Utility Costs

Utility expenses really add up in Maryland. Based on a monthly average of $131, residents pay almost 20% more than the national utility average. To keep costs lower in the winter, invest in energy efficient appliances when furnishing your new home.

Job Market and Economy in Maryland

Maryland enjoys a strong and diverse economy. Several major industries provide plentiful employment opportunities for new residents.

Key Industries

The state contains major hub’s for these economic sectors:

  • Biohealth & Life Sciences
  • Business Services
  • Construction
  • Defense & Aerospace
  • Information Technology
  • Transportation & Logistics

In particular, the I-270 Technology Corridor and Fort Meade military base are major engines along the Baltimore-D.C. stretch.

Average Salaries

All of the above fields feature competitive wages. Here are the average annual salaries for some top occupations:

  • Architecture & Engineering – $94,330
  • Computer & Mathematical – $96,800
  • Management – $125,940
  • Healthcare Practitioners – $85,430

Salaries across Maryland average almost $10k above national levels. When coupled with a low 4.4% unemployment rate, the state presents a healthy job market.

Top Employers

The highest volume companies offering employment are:

  • Giant Food Inc.
  • Johns Hopkins Institutions
  • MedStar Health
  • University of Maryland Medical System
  • Johns Hopkins University

Government contractors and hospitals provide thousands of jobs as well.

Education System in Maryland

Maryland is home to some of the top-ranked schools and colleges in the U.S.

The state public education system contains over 1,400 schools within 24 local districts. Some standout K-12 school systems are:

  • Howard County Public Schools
  • Montgomery County Public Schools
  • Carroll County Public Schools
  • Frederick County Public Schools

The U.S. News & World Report also honored these #1 colleges for undergraduate education:

  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Loyola University Maryland
  • University of Maryland – College Park

With great public options plus elite private colleges, Maryland earns high marks for education at all levels.


Getting Around Maryland

Maryland boasts reliable transportation both across the state and locally within the main population hubs.

Public Transport


Cheapest bus tickets around the state cost only $5. Greyhound offers rides connecting 13 cities/towns in Maryland. The most expensive rides creep up to $147.

Taxis & Rideshares

In Baltimore’s city center, taxi drop fees start at $2 plus $1.62 per mile. UberX and Lyft offer cheaper rides around $8 per trip.


Amtrak links together 14 in-state destinations. Tickets begin around $7, while the priciest routes land just over $200.

Best Places to Live Based on Commute

Residents of Cheverly enjoy a 30 minute or less drive time to Baltimore given its proximity. Havre de Grace and Rockville also allow easy access to cities without big headaches.

If working outside Maryland, Rockville has simple connections to D.C. Or for Philadelphia/New Jersey commuters, Havre de Grace sits nearby with direct interstate access.

Best Cities and Towns to Live in Maryland

Maryland contains great diversity across its cities and towns. Before visiting, consider key attributes that matter most to your family.

Factors to Consider

Assess what’s important — schools, amenities, commute, safety, affordability, etc. If outdoor recreation is a priority, Western Maryland offers plenty. Or to be central to metro areas, look to mid-state cities like Columbia.

Weigh each heavily below when choosing your top spot.

Overview of Top Locations

1. Columbia

Known for excellent public schools and master-planned community feel. Contains a vibrant Town Center with shopping, dining, and concerts. Offers suburban comfort with proximity to Baltimore and D.C.

Median Home Price: $372,000
Median Rent: $1,687

2. Frederick

Historic small town with growing biotech industry presence. Featured downtown provides boutique shopping and dining. Surrounding mountain recreation readily available with three major airports easily accessible.

Median Home Price: $265,500 Median Rent: $1,351

3. Rockville

Bedroom community 25 minutes from Washington D.C. Home to corporate and government agency headquarters. Offers exciting urban amenities alongside neighborhood parks and recreation.

Median Home Price: $521,700 Median Rent: $1,909

4. Annapolis

Vibrant port city next to Chesapeake Bay and U.S. Naval Academy. Known as the “Sailing Capital of America” given maritime heritage. Historic charm combined with metropolitan conveniences.

Median Home Price: $413,300 Median Rent: $1,537

5. Gaithersburg

Fast-growing and diverse suburb with direct Metro access. Contains expansive parkland for outdoor enthusiasts. Prominent location technology and biotech companies.

Median Home Price: $389,700 Median Rent: $1,697

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving to Maryland

Still feeling unsure about aspects of living in Maryland? Check this rundown of commonly asked questions by soon-to-be residents.

Is Maryland a good state to move to?

Yes, Maryland offers fantastic diversity in lifestyles and landscapes. Career opportunities abound given proximity to D.C. and Baltimore. Stellar social services and education systems provide appeal as well. Just brace for high taxes and housing costs relative to other states.

What salary is needed to live comfortably in Maryland?

To live comfortably as a family of four, target a household income around $100,000. This accounts for higher than average housing, food, and childcare costs. Single adults can get by on $55,000 annually based on the average one-bedroom apartment rent.

What is the safest city in Maryland?

Based on FBI crime statistics, the safest city to live is Bowie. It scored the lowest violent plus property crime rates per 1,000 residents. Nearby Rockville and Frederick also rated highly on safety.

What is the best place to raise a family in Maryland?

For families, three great spots rise above: Ellicott City, Bethesda, and Cumberland. Top-ranked school districts, fun recreation opportunities, and community events cater extremely well to kids.

What is the cheapest place to live in Maryland?

If seeking affordability, consider moving to Western Maryland or the Eastern Shore. Cost of living drops dramatically when living outside Baltimore or D.C. For a dollar saving town close by, check out Hagerstown.

Moving to Maryland – The Final Verdict

Deciding whether to relocate to Maryland is an extremely personal decision that depends on your lifestyle needs and budget. This guide has aimed to provide comprehensive details across all factors – costs, economy, amenities, education, transportation, cities – to assist your decision making process.


How much do movers cost?

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