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Of all the interstate movers we researched, Air Van northAmerican stood head and shoulders above the competition when it came to responsiveness, transparency with estimates, damage-free handling of possessions, and overall accountability. With over 1,800 trucks, 40,000 truck shipments per year, 1,500 local agents covering all 50 states, and a real focus on continuous improvement, this mover has the scale, resources and commitment to quality that enables them to provide an exceptionally smooth moving experience despite the complexities of long distance transportation.

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Moving to Louisiana?

If you find yourself wondering “how much does it cost to move to Louisiana”, this extensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know. We’ll start by comparing living costs and calculating potential moving expenses. Then we will cover the best cities and economic opportunities. Plus essential details on Louisiana lifestyle, laws, and what makes the state unique!

This guide breaks down everything that factors into moving costs. We’ll look at things like distance, home size, and extra fees so you can budget for your Illinois move. I’ll also share typical price ranges for local vs long-distance moves. If you want to check out some quality movers first, read our recent blog comparing top-rated services across the state. It lists companies with pricing to help jumpstart your research.

What Will Your Louisiana Move Cost?

Moving costs add up quickly between transportation, packing materials, storage fees and more. But getting a realistic sense of average relocation expenses helps tremendously in budgeting wisely.

DIY Truck Rental vs Full Service Movers

First decide – do you want basic transportation for self-packing and furniture loading? Or hire professionals to handle the entire workload so you simply drive your car?

  • Truck Rental – Companies like U-Haul allow pick up and drop off in Louisiana. Prices start around $50 daily, plus mileage fees. Hard work but big savings!
  • Full Service – For a seamless move with experts packing, hauling and even storing your stuff, full-service moving companies have your back. Much easier but premium costs.
  • Portable Containers – PODs provide onsite storage containers – pack at your own pace, then movers transport the loaded unit. Starts around $100 each way locally, $400 for long distance two-way delivery. Minimal effort once packed. Monthly container storage fees apply.

    I suggest gathering free quotes from multiple services then deciding what fits time, budget, and energy constraints for an upcoming relocation. Louisiana lets you work DIY affordably or hire help guilt-free!

What Impacts Price: Distance, Weight and Services

  • Mileage Matters – Local moves within Louisiana run cheapest, then costs climb steadily for mid-distance and peak for cross-country relocations as you pay fuel/lodging costs.
  • Possessions Add Up – Studio apartments cost less than a fully loaded house to move. But even downsizing excess stuff now will save money later.
  • Service Spectrum – Just need a truck? Partial packing help? Or full door-to-door moving package? Service levels make a big cost difference.

Average Costs Based on Home Size

  • Studio Apartment – $541
  • 1-Bedroom Home – $740
  • 2-Bedroom Home – $1,179
  • 3-Bedroom Home – $2,685
  • 4-Bedroom Home – $3,075
  • 5+ Bedrooms – $4,717

As expected, larger homes with more possessions have higher moving costs. Get an accurate quote for your situation ASAP.

For long-distance relocations, costs vary even more depending on your origin, destination, mileage and service selections.

Sample Out-of-State Moving Cost Ranges

Here are a few examples of what your Louisiana move may cost if relocating from major cities:

Los Angeles to Baton Rouge:

  • Rental Truck: $1,837 to $3,389
  • Full-Service Movers: $3,367 to $6,432

Houston to New Orleans:

  • Rental Truck: $511 to $1,604
  • Full Service Movers: $2,170 to $4,839

Nashville to Shreveport:

  • Rental Truck: $1,289 to $2,664
  • Full Service Movers: $3,170 to $5,954

Keep these ballpark figures in mind while planning your logistics and seeking estimates from at least 5 reputable moving companies. Firm quotes depend heavily on your belongings, mileage and service selections.

Cost Saving Relocation Tips

Alright, as costs add up, don’t fret! Here are savvy money-saving techniques to keep moving bills in check:

Clean Out Clutter – Host garage sales, donate goods, sell randomly on Facebook. Lighter loads cut transportation fees significantly.

Rent Trucks One-Way – Pay more dropping off elsewhere? Maybe, but worth avoiding return double mileage.

Know Weights – Weigh vehicles beforehand using CAT scales to prevent overage fines.

Insure Irreplaceable Items – Rare collectibles or priceless heirlooms need extra protection in case of incidents.

Request Binding Estimates – Secures set transport quotes from movers protecting against mid-route price hikes.

Now that you have a realistic grasp of moving costs to/within Louisiana, let’s discuss the exciting opportunities and amenities waiting for you as a new resident!

Comparing Louisiana’s Cost of Living

Before budgeting your relocation, understanding Louisiana’s affordability is key. How do expenses like real estate, groceries, utilities and more stack up?

Housing Stays Very Budget-Friendly

  • Louisiana home prices average just $195,356 – far below the national median of $231,200. Great for first-time buyers!
  • Even rentals are cheaper. A 1-bedroom apartment rents for $876 per month on average. That’s 34% below the national norm.
  • Over 70% of households own their home here, taking advantage of low mortgage rates.

Overall Low Cost of Living

  • Louisiana’s cost of living index lands at 86.9. That makes daily expenses 13% cheaper than the country’s baseline of 100.
  • Groceries are 7% below average, utilities 10% cheaper, and healthcare/transportation costs competitive. 48% of residents spend under 20% of their income on living expenses.
  • From Cajun cuisine staples to power bills and gasoline, you stretch each dollar further as a Louisiana resident!

Income and Taxes

  • Average household income comes in 11% lower than national figures at $46,710 annually in Louisiana. Growth continues but lagging.
  • Fortunately taxes are affordable too. Income tax brackets fall between just 2-6% here. Sales tax adheres below 9% and property taxes land at 0.53%.

With a firm grasp on the state’s affordability, let’s focus on your #1 priority – exactly how much relocating itself will cost.

Top Cities and Neighborhoods to Call Home

With affordable housing across Louisiana, choosing the right community that meets your lifestyle and financial needs is crucial. Here are some prime locations worth consideration:

Charming Small Town Life

  1. Patterson – Authentic lazy river town near Morgan City and the Atchafalaya River. Cheap housing at $101,000 median value!
  2. Harahan – Only 14 miles outside New Orleans but more peaceful. Great schools, properties 25% below average value.
  3. Addis – Rural gem with lovely new family neighborhoods. Boasts Louisiana’s lowest tax rates!

Growing Economic and Job Centers

  1. Lafayette – “Happiest City in America” thanks to Cajun culture, eclectic art and fab dining scene. Added 1,700+ tech jobs recently!
  2. Lake Charles – On the rise thanks to manufacturing, casinos and propelling southwest Louisiana’s economy. Cheap homes to snatch up!
  3. Shreveport – Major healthcare, film industry and military hub in northwest portion of state. An anchor of growth and opportunity!

Family-Oriented Comfort

  1. Youngsville – Among fastest growing cities in entire country! New parks, recreation centers, excellent schools and beyond make this a prime spot to put down roots.
  2. Mandeville – Relaxed, upscale atmosphere across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans. Small town warmth and fantastic dining and boating!
  3. Zachary – Booming community between Baton Rouge and Baker that balances small town charm with job market stability and amenities.

No matter your priorities, narrowing down the perfect Louisiana hometown for your budget and lifestyle brings that dream of southern living within reach!

Job Market, Corporate Giants & Future Growth

If transferring jobs or starting fresh professionally brings you to Louisiana, the employment outlook shows promise across vital industries. Plus opportunities with corporate titans choosing to call the state home.

Industries Powering Louisiana’s Economy

  • Oil & Gas – Rakes in billions as Louisiana provides over a fifth of U.S. crude oil and petroleum gas. Over 230,000 in-state jobs across extraction and refining. And more environmentally conscious “green energy” production emerging!
  • Shipping & Logistics – 5 massive ports connect America’s heartland farms and factories to global imports and exports by sea, chugging out tens of billions in local economic impact annually.
  • Technology – Tax incentives attract software programmers, digital creators and bioscience inventors focusing on transportation, entertainment tech and precision agriculture. This promising sector sees double digit job/revenue growth annually!
  • Tourism – From New Orleans iconic attractions to Acadiana’s fiery cuisine, Louisiana’s cultural festivals and sites entice visitors that now support over 230,000 regional tourism jobs.

Major Corporate Investments

Signifying economic stability, these Louisiana-headquartered Fortune 500 giants provide tens of thousands of jobs:

  • CenturyLink – Multinational telecom titan based in Monroe with 45,000+ employees.
  • Acadia Healthcare – Fast-expanding behavioral health giant serves 39 states from Lafayette headquarters.
  • Ochsner Health System – Leads Louisiana’s largest nonprofit healthcare network with 40 hospitals and urgent cares statewide. Employs over 25,000!

Optimism Abounds

  • Economists predict Louisiana’s overall employment rate will climb an impressive 22% over this decade. Trade, transportation, healthcare and tech spearhead this projected job growth.
  • The future looks bright for job seekers as key industries expand. Look to nursing, software development, supply chain coordination, construction and hospitality for ample openings!

Calling Louisiana your professional home opens doors across dynamic fields building regional prosperity. Now discover more on this state’s captivating lifestyle awaiting transplants…

Louisiana’s Unique Culture & Way of Life

Moving beyond logistics to embrace your new home state requires getting familiar with landscapes, time-honored traditions and local lifestyle hallmarks that define Louisiana’s magnetism.

Scenery & Climate

  • Subtropical humidity brings fairly hot, sweaty summers and reasonably mild winters. Snow rarely falls outside the northwest hills.
  • The mighty Mississippi River carves a critical shipping channel while Atchafalaya Basin swamplands provide atmospheric scenery for fishing/swamp tours where alligators and herons roam.
  • Prone to hurricanes and floods, Louisiana frequently faces extreme weather events during Atlantic hurricane season running June through November.

Celebrating Cultural Fusion

  • French, African, American Indian and other influences fuse in singular Creole and Cajun heritage: architecture, customs, fiery cuisine and even dialects still spoken across Acadiana parishes.
  • Mardi Gras tops 400 annual parades and cultural festivals satiating all interests – indie music festivals, crawfish cookoffs, county fairs celebrating watermelon, strawberries and everything in between!
  • Live tunes pour from French Quarter clubs, restaurants and street performers keeping jazz, zydeco, blues rock and more homegrown genres thriving.

Sportsman’s Paradise

  • From charter fishing excursions chasing redfish, trout and flounder to airboats zipping through bayous thick with gators, Louisiana’s landscapes cultivate serious outdoor tradition.
  • 23 State Parks offer camping, biking, golf, cabins and water recreation around reservoirs, lakes and rivers statewide. Diverse terrain tailor-made for enthusiasts of all stripes!
  • Hunting wild hogs or ducks through bottomland forests full of wildlife management areas give way to ATV exploration across beach-lined barrier islands.

This snapshot of Louisiana lifestyle perks and realities allows you to make the most of your interstate move. But heads up on a few laws and cultural insights every newcomer should know…

Good to Know Laws & Customs

  • Big Easy Late Night Scene – Open container policies allow patrons to wander New Orleans’ Bourbon Street with alcoholic beverages in hand. But domestic violence and DUIs still bring fines or jail time.
  • Road Rules – Louisiana permits right turns at red lights after complete stops and proper signaling. U-turns are also legal unless explicitly posted.
  • Homestead Exemptions – Constitutional amendment exempts first $75,000 of a home’s assessed value from property taxes. File by mid-May following move.
  • Quirky Statutes – No gargling in public. No swearing in front of a corpse lie in Louisiana law books alongside bans on shrimper fraud and mocking politicians. Most antiquated codes go unenforced though!

Between swinging jazz accompaniments, zydeco dancehalls, parade floats tossing beads, and putting a lagniappe on your plate, Louisiana radiates joy, generosity and an infectious joie de vivre. Now let’s ensure you make the most of your move…

Start Your Louisiana Adventure

We hope covering all essentials – from precise moving costs to painting a picture of life from the bayou to bourbon street and jobs scene beyond – sets clear expectations when relocating to Louisiana.

Use this guide to budget realistically, choose trusted movers, target the right hometown to flourish in, and ease your out-of-state transition.

Soon swirling shrimp gumbo, strolling the French Quarter and cheering on the Saints will feel second nature as Louisiana hospitality welcomes you into the fold. As a major crossroads attracting pioneers and migrants over centuries, the Pelican State continues offering newcomers affordable living and opportunities aplenty. Just don’t forget your Mardi Gras beads!


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