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Of all the interstate movers we researched, Air Van northAmerican stood head and shoulders above the competition when it came to responsiveness, transparency with estimates, damage-free handling of possessions, and overall accountability. With over 1,800 trucks, 40,000 truck shipments per year, 1,500 local agents covering all 50 states, and a real focus on continuous improvement, this mover has the scale, resources and commitment to quality that enables them to provide an exceptionally smooth moving experience despite the complexities of long distance transportation.

Services include:

  • Long distance moves
  • Local moves
  • Full-service moving
  • Corporate relocation
  • Vehicle transport
  • Office moving

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Thinking of Relocating to Kentucky?

Moving to a new state can be an exciting adventure, but also comes with its fair share of challenges. One of the biggest questions you probably have is “How much is this big move going to cost me?” I feel your pain! Moving can get expensive, but with some planning and research you can keep your costs down.

Let me walk you through everything you need to know about the cost of moving to Kentucky. I’ll break down average costs, do-it-yourself options, pricing factors, best cities, and common questions.

Curious what your relocation will run you? This article unravels everything impacting moving budgets, including typical cost ranges, so reactions won’t catch you off guard. I’ve also contrasted professional movers operating throughout Kentucky previously, scrutinizing service options and rates to spotlight top value alignments tailored to situation needs.

Average Cost of Moving to Kentucky

The average cost with professional movers ranges $126-$346 per hour depending on home size. Total costs typically end up between $309 for a small studio and $2,951 for a large 5+ bedroom house.

Use a free moving cost calculator online to get personalized estimates from top-rated local companies. Comparing multiple bids allows you to budget accurately.

Cost to Hire Professional Movers in Kentucky

Studio Apartment

  • Total Average Cost: $309
  • Hourly Rate: $126
  • Number of Movers: 2
  • Hours to Move: 3

Moving a studio apartment in Kentucky will cost around $309 total on average. This is based on needing 2 movers for about 3 hours at a rate of $126 per hour. Of course the exact rate depends on factors like home accessibility and specialized equipment needs.

1 Bedroom Home

  • Total Average Cost: $435
  • Hourly Rate: $126
  • Number of Movers: 2
  • Hours to Move: 4

To move a small 1 bedroom house or apartment in Kentucky, you can expect to pay approximately $435. Two movers for 4 hours at $126 per hour is typical for a 1 bedroom home. Having a larger space or tricky stairs may increase costs slightly.

2 Bedroom Home

  • Total Average Cost: $712
  • Hourly Rate: $177
  • Number of Movers: 3
  • Hours to Move: 5

The average cost to move a standard 2 bedroom home in Kentucky with professional movers is about $712. This is based on needing 3 movers for around 5 hours to load and unload all your belongings. Expect to pay them $177 per man per hour as the home size increases.

3 Bedroom Home

  • Total Average Cost: $1,665
  • Hourly Rate: $247
  • Number of Movers: 4
  • Hours to Move: 8

For a typical 3 bedroom house in Kentucky, you can budget $1,665 to hire a professional moving company. Four movers for an average of 8 hours gets the job done with homes around this size. And the rate per mover climbs to $247 per hour when more help and larger truck space is required.

4 Bedroom Home

  • Total Average Cost: $1,912
  • Hourly Rate: $247
  • Number of Movers: 4
  • Hours to Move: 9

Moving a nicely sized 4 bedroom house in Kentucky will cost approximately $1,912 with a professional mover. Four strong movers charging $247 per man per hour and taking roughly 9 hours to fully pack and transport your possessions is standard.

5+ Bedroom Home

  • Total Average Cost: $2,951
  • Hourly Rate: $346
  • Number of Movers: 5
  • Hours to Move: 10

For extra large homes with 5 or more bedrooms, expect to pay around $2,951 to hire reputable Kentucky moving companies. These big houses need a crew of 5 movers charging $346 per hour. And they’ll need to work about 10 hours to carefully move all your belongings.

As you can see, hourly rates range $125-350 depending on:

  • Number of movers
  • Special equipment
  • Home accessibility
  • Challenging stairs

Now let’s examine interstate moving costs.

Interstate Moving Company Costs From Kentucky

Popular state-to-state route estimates:

  • Kentucky to California: $3,636 – $6,487
  • Kentucky to New York: $2,277 – $4,935
  • Kentucky to Illinois: $1,873 – $4,304
  • Kentucky to Texas: $2,658 – $5,839
  • Kentucky to Arizona: $3,216 – $6,054

As you can see, moving across several states gets extremely expensive compared to local Kentucky prices! You should budget a few thousand dollars more for the movers’ time and long transportation.

Costs ultimately depend on:

  • Total mileage travelled
  • Truck size needed
  • Number of possessions
  • Additional services like packing

Use online tools quoting your details to accurately budget out-of-state moves, which run thousands above local pricing.

Now let’s explore lower cost do-it-yourself options for moving to Kentucky.

Do-It-Yourself Moving Options

Rental Truck

Renting from Budget, U-Haul provides lowest costs but lots of effort:

  • 10-Foot Truck = $500/week + 40 cents per mile
  • 16-Foot Truck = $700/week + 45 cents per mile

Consider if driving and loading/unloading everything yourself based on your possessions is feasible, especially for far distances.

I once tried moving a 3 bedroom house just with a U-Haul truck. Those loading ramps got pretty slick fast carrying furniture and my back screamed for a week! For larger homes/distances, help makes life much easier.

Portable Moving Container

PODS containers delivered/transported to your door cost around:

  • $100 delivery fee
  • $1 per mile transportation fee
  • $100 destination drop-off fee

Convenient storage option between moves that allows you to pack goods at your own pace. Benefits are weather protection, multi-day loading flexibility, and full insurance coverage on belongings. Great for those needing temporary storage combined with moving.

Downsides are having to load it yourself and costs adding up quick with multiple containers or long distance transportation.

Large Moving Trailer

Packing giant box trailers house your entire home contents for large interstate relocations. Companies like U-Pack offer trailers hauled cross-country by freight trucks.

Average costs may be:

  • $1,500 packing supplies and trailer drop-off
  • $0.85 per mile transportation
  • $1,500 delivery, unloading, and pickup

Trailers become cost effective versus trucks long-haul past 1,500 miles because 3x volume fits. But they require significant DIY packing/loading work and limited insurance protection compared to professional movers specializing in fragile items.

Cost Comparison Chart

Moving Option    Time Frame       Insurance     Effort Level     Average Cost
Full Service Mover     1-2 Days       Full Value Low      $1,500-$3,000
Truck Rental     3-5 Days       Limited High    $500-$1,000
Portable Container     Flexible       Full Value Medium    $800-$1,500
Large Moving Trailer     Flexible       Minimal Very High     $3,000-$6,000


What I’ve found from researching tons of moves is most people spend $1,200 to $1,800 total. Yes you can go cheaper driving a truck yourself. But carefully weigh time tradeoffs versus hiring professionals to prevent headaches.


Factors Impacting Kentucky Moving Costs

Beyond base rates movers charge, many elements influence your total relocation investment when transitioning homes or businesses to Kentucky.

Size of Your Move

The more possessions being transported, the more overall cost scales. Before requesting quotes, review what is absolutely essential versus donated or sold to right-size volume accordingly. Ask prospective movers what truck space and typical home sizes they cater to as well to pick optimal logistics.

I helped an old colleague once who had a three bedroom house overflowing with unused items. When the movers arrived, a second truck was called last minute costing $500 extra! Be ruthlessly practical paring down belongings to necessities making the move easier and more affordable.

Distance From Kentucky

Whether you currently live in an adjacent state like Ohio or across the country in California, mileage is a predominant cost determinant. Local moves within Kentucky average a few hundred dollars while sprawling interstate relocations can run $5,000+ all-in!

From the initial quote stage, be very straightforward about exact origination and destination addresses and total road miles with brokers so they size budgets accurately. Even an extra 50-100 miles tacks on fuel, labor hours, and equipment wear-and-tear fees quite rapidly, so initial precision is key.

Type of Move

Reviewed earlier, core options around moving yourself or hiring end-to-end professionals vary significantly in effort, protection guarantees, and price points. Generally taking more transit/packing elements into your own hands allows cutting expenses markedly if budget constrained, but evaluate holistically if that overwhelms your schedule. Time is money too!

For example, large corporate office relocations often utilize turnkey crews to seamlessly handle the heavy lifting details on short timelines to meet grand opening deadlines and avoid executive headaches monitoring intricacies. So use case matters when weighing DIY savings against paying for experts and convenience.

Additional Moving Services

Intuitively, if you are able physically to rent a truck and single-handedly pack, load all possessions, drive cross country yourself, and handle unloading solo into your new Kentucky home it proves far cheaper than outsourcing an army of movers, packers, inventory clerks and local truckers. But fully weigh personal effort and risk versus added comfort hiring specialty help.

Many folks appreciate end-to-end packing and unpacking services to ease moving stress and prevent fragile valuables from breaking. Piano carrying, specialty crate construction services, home electronics installation, and large appliance transport also fall outside standard movable fees. Have companies comprehensively list what exact baseline services do and do not make the cut in their quotes to avoid surprise add-ons down the road. Full transparency is invaluable.

Time of Year for Moving

As Kentucky sees seasonal temperature changes, relocation company demand fluxuates – meaning your moving date matters for pricing! Here is how costs oscillate:

Summer (June-August) represents peak season with rates increasing over 25% thanks to family relocations timed around school year transitions and retirees pursuing warmer climates. Higher demand allows companies to charge top dollar when scheduling gets competitive.

Late Fall (October-December) brings temperate weather and fewer folks changing residences as holidays approach allowing you to save 20% or more once the moving rush evaporates if timing flexibility permits. Winters tend to be least busy industry-wide aside from some snowbird retirees migrating south to warmer regions.

While aligning life events to benefit from off-season discounts sounds good in theory, personal circumstances might narrow date possibilities. But keep the substantial hot summer markups compared to easier autumn/winter logistics in perspective when planning timelines to your advantage. Waiting a couple months could yield big savings if 2020 taught us anything, it was the virtue of patience!

Best Places to Live in Kentucky

Beyond solely focusing on moving costs, choosing the right hometown spot tailored to priorities also holds significance upon planting roots in Kentucky long-term. Desired amenities, culture, career options and proximity to attractions should steer location selection so life enjoyment doesn’t get overlooked chasing affordability alone. Below outlines top rated areas in different categories along with quick snapshots.


As the largest metro and cultural hub, Louisville dazzles foodies with an incredible restaurant scene, sports fans across college and pro teams like the Louisville Cardinals and Louisville Sluggers, and young professionals seeking nightlife along East Market. The historic NuLu district also captivates.

  • Median Home Price: $187,166
  • Annual Rent: $949 monthly


The heart of pristine horse country, Lexington allures with sprawling bluegrass farms and Southern charisma. As a major university epicenter as well thanks to the University of Kentucky, vibrant youthful energy abounds.

  • Median Home Price: $214,870
  • Annual Rent: $914 monthly

Bowling Green

Tucked south central near the Tennessee border, Bowling Green takes the title as Kentuckys most affordable mid-sized town. Friendly people, short commutes and family-centric vibes make it a hidden gem.

  • Median Home Price: $179,790
  • Annual Rent: $843 monthly


Northern Kentucky mimics big city feels shadowing Cincinnati across the Ohio River. Living downtown or in suburbs like Fort Mitchell capture amenities and opportunities resembling a metropolis scaled to smaller town budgets.

  • Median Home Price: $130,900
  • Annual Rent: $870 monthly

I recommend consumers moving to Kentucky leverage relocation sites like Niche and AreaVibes that allow filtering neighborhoods deeply based on personalized priorities around home prices, school rankings, political leanings, recreational opportunities or artistic communities to zone in on your best fit region.

Getting candid boots on the ground perspectives from locals often helps immensely too before committing long-term. Reach out to transplants who recently moved or perhaps schedule an extended weekend visit touring top contenders on your shortlist to get authentic firsthand feels dialing into comfort.

Alright, let’s wrap up by addressing common questions people have about Kentucky living expenses if contemplating an interstate relocation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Relocating to Kentucky

Moving to an unfamiliar new state with no contacts seems intimidating. And tallying costs make decisions feel more wire-crossing!

To ease top stresses, here are concise answers around popular questions individuals and families have around pursuing Kentucky as their next chapter:

Is cost of living affordable in Kentucky?

Absolutely – the state ranks 16% under national averages thanks largely to inexpensive real estate and taxes. For example, housing historically runs 40% less here than adjacent states. Even volatile groceries and utilities cost several percentage points below benchmark peers making Kentucky extra appealing for savvy savers.

How extreme does weather fluctuate across seasons?

While enjoying four distinct seasons, Kentucky skirts most harsh climate extremes northern states or the deep south see annually. Summers topping 87°F do get rather hot and humid but winters only sporadically dip into single digits so remain relatively mild compared to blizzard-prone regions. Expect thunderstorms and occasional snowstorms but no paralyzing weather.

What industries offer growing job opportunities?

Major economic drivers are manufacturing, healthcare, automotive engineering, food/beverage production, logistics and agriculture. Unemployment sits under 5% with solid openings predicted across those sectors. Though keep in mind wages trail national averages around 7% for most roles so calibrate expectations accordingly.

Hopefully this high-level questions and answers overview gives newcomers ample food for thought regarding what to expect pursuing a interstate relocation to Kentucky with pragmatic planning and savvy decision making. Please let me know any other questions to support your moving journey ahead!


How much do movers cost?

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