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Moving to Idaho

Hey there! So you’re thinking about moving to Idaho? I don’t blame you. Lately it seems like everyone wants to relocate to the Gem State. Known for its natural beauty, rich history, and variety of outdoor recreation, Idaho offers a slower pace of life with greater affordability compared to its bustling coastal neighbors.

But its secret is out! With a booming job market across sectors like tech, agriculture, tourism and more, populations have swelled over 30% in the last decade. Parts of trendy Boise now rival prices in Seattle or Portland.

So if you’ve been wondering “how much does it cost to move to Idaho?”, you’ve come to the right place. In this 5000+ word guide, we’ll break down the major factors that contribute to moving costs so you can budget properly. I’ll also highlight the best cities to call home for affordability and livability.

While Idaho remains cheaper than many other states, moving here still requires major investment when you tally all expenses. But with mindful planning and prioritization, you can make an Idaho move work! 

After doing some extensive research, I came across this excellent guide that objectively compares Idaho’s highest rated movers. They break down pricing, customer reviews, insurance coverage and other key factors side-by-side so you can clearly assess overall value.

Cost To Move To Idaho

Hiring professional movers ranks among the top expenses for any relocation. But what can you expect to budget for an Idaho move? Cost varies based on:

Average Cost To Hire Movers in Idaho

The average hourly rate for Idaho moving companies falls between $108-$413 per hour depending on home size and services.

  • Smaller 1-2 bedroom homes incur lower hourly charges around $150/hour
  • Large 5+ bedroom homes with full-service moves run $400/hour or more

Average local move costs:

Studio Apartment
  • Cost: $357
  • Hours: 3
  • Movers: 2
1 Bedroom Home
  • Cost: $508
  • Hours: 4
  • Movers: 2
2 Bedroom Home
  • Cost: $838
  • Hours: 5
  • Movers: 3

As you see, average move costs in Idaho might run a few hundred dollars for smaller spaces up to several thousand for large homes requiring extensive packing, loading and driving services.

What about long distance interstate moves?

Average Cost For Interstate Moves

Moving to Idaho from out of state also varies based on origin, destination distances and weight/truck space needed.

Long distance movers generally charge by mileage and weight, not hourly. Cost averages include:

  • Idaho to/from neighboring states: $2,500-$4,500+
  • Cross-country Idaho move: $4,000-$9,000+

Let’s look at some example route ranges:

  • Idaho to California: $2,825–$6,302
  • Idaho to New York: $4,285–$7,609
  • Idaho to Texas: $3,368–$6,802
  • Idaho to Illinois: $3,574–$6,881
  • Idaho to Florida: $4,970-$8,543

Rising fuel costs also bump interstate quotes. So if your target Idaho city allows, staying closer to your origin saves significantly.

Other services impacting long distance move costs:

  • Packing/unpacking help
  • Debris collection/disposal
  • Crating large/delicate items
  • Securing specialty insurance

Altogether expect an average interstate move to Idaho running $5,000-$7,500+ for mid-sized homes.

DIY Moving Options

Using professional movers provides the most hands-off approach. But you can cut costs dramatically with DIY options:

Moving Truck Rental

Renting a truck from U-Haul, Penske or local outlets allows tackling your own packing and driving. Just load up and go!

Benefits include:

  • Extremely budget-friendly
  • Flexible timing/routes
  • Easy access addons like utility carts

Downsides to consider:

  • Manual packing/lifting required
  • Mileage fees apply
  • Securing valuation insurance

Moving Container Rental

Portable containers like PODS deliver an empty unit you fill yourself. They later transport it between locations.

Perks involve:

  • Ground level access aids loading
  • Can also serve as temp storage
  • Containers shipped on your schedule

Drawbacks may include:

  • Container delivery fees hit costs
  • Time constrained at pickup/delivery
  • Inventory responsibility for damages

Freight Shipping

If relocating long distances, enclosed shipping trailers offer a middle ground between self moves and van lines.

Positives of freight include:

  • Faster transit than containers
  • Cost savings over full-service
  • Reliable interstate transport

Watch for limitations like:

  • You still handle all packing
  • Less reversing if routes change
  • High replacement value insurance

Key Factors Impacting Costs

Beyond service types, what other factors shift moving quotes for Idaho-bound routes?

Volume of Items

Simply put…more items, more cost! Before packing anything:

  • Tackle closet purges so only essentials make the cut
  • Hold thrift runs for giveaways
  • Consider garage sales for bulky goods still useful to others

I know, it’s tough to downsize a household. But reducing items pays exponential dividends across packing materials, truck space, effort and sanity!

Distance Traveled

Origin proximity keeps costs lower for Idaho movers. Compare mileage and drive times across potential destinations as initial filters before onsite visits.

If relocating from extreme distances, reduce belongings to basics before making the full trek. Ship certain items vs. moving everything.

Type of Move

Obviously DIY options cheaper than full-service movers. But first consider if a self-managed move is realistic for your scenario – packing/driving assistance makes a grueling task much smoother.

Research multiple Idaho moving companies to compare rates. And prepare questions on add-ons like temporary storage if needed while finalizing housing.

Additional Services

Accessorial fees accumulate quickly with:

  • Packing/unpacking assistance
  • Extra moving labor
  • Bulky item breakdown/reassembly
  • Debris collection after move-out
  • Fragile items crating

Avoid unnecessary services but splurge where warranted. Having floors covered then heavy furniture loaded efficiently by pros may ease peace of mind.

Time of Year

Summer heat attracts out-of-state tourists…and movers hustling before kids return to school!

Idaho benefits from milder shoulder seasons. If flexibility allows, aim moves for April/May or September/October. This helps avoid peak crowds and 20%+ seasonal surcharges around summer.

Plan timing strategically when able. Companies often waive transportation fees during slower weeks to fill unused trucks.

Cost of Living in Idaho

Besides move-in preparation, determining long-range budget requirements also weighs heavily on relocation decisions. How do overall Idaho living expenses compare year-round?

Idaho Cost of Living Overview

Idaho sits at 100 on the cost of living index, equaling national averages. But some areas exceed benchmarks while others fall 15-20% lower.

Housing and utilities run cheaper than most states with exception to recent Boise spikes. Expect costs closer to Midwest or Southern counterparts than flashy coastal cities.

Idaho vs US Average Costs:

  • Housing: +3%
  • Groceries: -5%
  • Utilities: -12%
  • Healthcare: +2%
  • Transportation: -3%

So consumer goods prove affordable, especially residing outside Boise. But keep transportation costs in check choosing cities with commuting ease.

And take advantage of Idaho’s tax perks!

Tax Benefits in Idaho

An Idaho address unlocks additional saving opportunities through tax deductions, credits and more:

State Sales Tax: 6%

This stays substantially lower than the 7-10%+ rates spanning coastal metros. Though specific districts add ~1%, so verify precise taxes in potential cities.

State Income Tax: 1-7%

Idaho tax rates rise incrementally from 1% up to 7% on only the highest income bracket over $11,860 single/$23,720 married. Qualifying residents avoid taxes completely on the first $1,500-$3,000 earned.

Property Taxes: ~1%

Idaho falls around the national median for property tax burdens. Average effective rates are 0.72% although individual counties fluctuate.

Annual Tax Friendly Credit: $205

Child Tax Credit: 20% refundable

Bottom line? Idaho rewards individuals and families through incentives reducing state income tax burdens. This helps counterbalance areas with upped housing costs like Boise after its growth surge.

So new residents keep more money in their pockets overall.

Best Places To Live in Idaho

With benefits beckoning, what Idaho destinations top newcomer wish lists? Choosing the right community sets yourself up for success. Let’s explore popular options beyond obvious Boise.

I’ve grouped cities into buckets striking balanced livability, affordability and accessibility anywhere from small towns to suburbia.

Big City Living

1. Boise

Alright, no shocker that the buzzy capital tops our list! Its forward momentum shows no signs of slowing.

Between the thriving downtown district lined with restaurants, breweries and indie shops…and landing marquee employers like Micron Technology, HP and Microsoft – Boise offers equal parts convenient city access and outdoor escape.

Cultural attractions like concerts, festivals and the Basque community also flourish alongside rave reviews for raising families. Of course rapid popularity has tradeoffs…

Median Home Price: $476,900 (39% > state average)
Median Rent: $1,315 (34% > state average)

2. Idaho Falls

Out east, lively Idaho Falls serves as the state’s second key metro. It exudes small town warmth with a dash of city perks at more reasonable rates.

Situated along the Snake River beneath striking mountain vistas, life feels a bit slower paced without sacrificing amenities. Plus its central location provides easy drives for weekend trips.

Median Home Price: $359,000
Median Rent: $995

3. Twin Falls

Last up for amenities lovers with affordable living, Twin Falls offers stunning natural beauty as the basecamp for Shoshone Falls and daredevil Evel Knievel’s Snake River canyon jump site.

Beyond scenic views, it mirrors Idaho Falls providing city resources on a smaller scale – just enough for comfort without chaos.

Median Home Price: $359,900 Median Rent: $975

Suburbia Options

4. Meridian

Resting 20 minutes west of Boise via Interstate 84, former rural town turned hotspot Meridian continues attracting residents for its family-friendly appeal.

It holds superb rankings for amenities like parks, trails, recreation centers and schools while avoiding big city headaches of its neighbor. Lots of shiny new neighborhoods constructed as Meridian races to keep up with growth.

Expect slightly more room to breathe and endangered views of the Owyhee Mountains on clearer days.

Median Home Price: $540,000
Median Rent: $1,498

5. Eagle

Travel just minutes further northwest of Meridian tucked against the Boise Foothills and you’ll find Eagle. This quaint area also earns recognition for raise-your-kids credentials thanks to access to Eagle Island State Park plus award-winning schools.

Its small town feel provides refuge when city life overwhelms while staying central enough for commutes, airport runs and nightlife. Open spaces also allow room for future growth.

Median Home Price: $549,900 Median Rent: $1,532

6. Post Falls

Cross Idaho’s northern border into Kootenai County and Post Falls enters the suburbs race as well – though much further from Boise if you prefer distance from the state capital.

Only 15 minutes from Spokane, Washington, Post Falls unveils tremendous scenery from Lake Coeur d’Alene while keeping affordability in check for outdoor lovers.

Median Home Price: $484,500
Median Rent: $1,150

Small Town Gems

7. Sandpoint

Continuing east around Lake Pend Oreille lands you in Sandpoint, Idaho’s hidden paradise brimming with small town charm yet centered by stunning lakeside views.

Outdoorsy types will fall hard for the area’s hiking, biking, camping and especially water activities with among the largest freshwater lakes in the country as your playground.

Median Home Price: $475,500 Median Rent: $1,180

8. Driggs

Leaping down southeast with close Grand Teton National Park access, tiny Driggs dishes out breathtaking mountain vistas framed by the Teton Range from almost every view.

Summer adventures explode while winter brings world-class skiing and snowmobiling action. Through both seasons, the close-knit community thrives on family bonds.

Median Home Price: $625,000 Median Rent: $1,595

9. McCall

Finally for lovers of small town vibes, McCall merits high marks for both stunning scenery and affordability ease.

Just two hours north of Boise, McCall surrounds itself with Payette National Forest landscapes near ski-friendly Brundage Mountain.

Its walkable downtown district provides locally owned shops and restaurants without surrendering natural appeal.

Median Home Price: $489,900 Median Rent: $1,500

Choosing What Works

Luckily among these options, Idaho likely has areas matching your ideal speed. Small town warmth? Check. Big city action? Yep – it has that too. With ski access. And river activities. At prices still resembling the Midwest instead of wild coasts.

No doubt about it – Idaho serves up compelling variety whether you crave urban excitement or rural relaxation. You really can’t go wrong if you locate thoughtfully using this guide!

Moving to Idaho – Next Steps

Now…you’ve got insider knowledge to inform potential destinations. But turning dreams into reality relies on smart preparation. Use these steps to manifest your Idaho move:

Fine-Tune Target Location

Before fixating on locations mentioned here, explore different Idaho cities firsthand if possible. Get familiar with rallying sites for locals – farmer’s markets, parks, quirky boutiques.

Chat with neighbors. Learn where they frequent, what drew them in, upsides/downsides they’ve experienced.

Dig into demographics affecting everyday lifestyles like commute norms, community planning initiatives upping walkability, and diversity expansion reflecting more accurate melting pots.

Plan Possible Budgets

Approach money conversations head on when co-locating with family or partners. Sketch future budgets reflecting Idaho housing spikes like Boise along with fuel and winter weather costs compared to current expenditures.

Be realistic about potential career impacts too – especially moving remote roles reliant on West Coast hubs. Consider salary norms for your profession in Idaho instead of bringing preconceived California or Washington income ideas.

Research Moving Specialists

Now that you know average moving costs and add-on fees, collect estimates from Idaho movers suitable for your route. Even if months out from an official move, clear data helps.

Ask reps pointed questions about modifying quotes closer to go-time if you purge more belongings or snag better fuel rates.

And get everything in writing!

Investigate Timelines

Look at target move dates aligning clean breaks in life chapters – between school semesters, after lease expirations. Minimize paying double rents or awkward family separations.

Of course flexibility always helps. But floating target timeframes keeps momentum moving forward during the tedious planning process so you don’t lose hope!


Altogether, moving costs vary across Idaho but expect to invest at least several thousand dollars for even smaller local moves once tallying all expenses.

Yet Idaho presents opportunities rivaling anywhere if focusing beyond merely housing sticker shock into aspects uplifting day-to-day life joy – with ample career openings.

And hidden benefits help counterbalance sticker prices for many through state tax incentives rewarding residents, educational and recreational options enriching families, and serving as the ideal basecamp for Rockies exploration!

Here’s to new adventures out west! May your move run smoothly as Idaho welcomes you with open arms.


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