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Of all the interstate movers we researched, Air Van northAmerican stood head and shoulders above the competition when it came to responsiveness, transparency with estimates, damage-free handling of possessions, and overall accountability. With over 1,800 trucks, 40,000 truck shipments per year, 1,500 local agents covering all 50 states, and a real focus on continuous improvement, this mover has the scale, resources and commitment to quality that enables them to provide an exceptionally smooth moving experience despite the complexities of long distance transportation.

Services include:

  • Long distance moves
  • Local moves
  • Full-service moving
  • Corporate relocation
  • Vehicle transport
  • Office moving

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Arizona Moving Cost

So you’re thinking about moving to Arizona? You’re probably wondering, “How much does it cost to move to Arizona?” and want to learn what factors impact the cost. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Moving Cost Factors

The cost of your move to the Grand Canyon State depends on several key factors:

Size of Your Move

The number of bedrooms, or overall square footage, that you’re moving to Arizona plays a huge role. A studio apartment will cost much less to move than a 5-bedroom house full of stuff. As a rule of thumb:

  • Studio apartment: $265
  • 1-bedroom apartment/home: $384
  • 2-bedroom home: $647
  • 3-bedroom home: $1,544
  • 4-bedroom home: $1,777
  • 5+ bedroom home: $2,762

We know it’s tempting to just stuff all your belongings in boxes without sorting beforehand when moving. But take our advice—go through your items ruthlessly and only keep what you really need or brings you joy. Fewer possessions equal lower moving costs.

Distance of Your Move

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, distance is a major cost determinant. Local moves within 100 miles tend to run $350-$2,500 based on home size. But if you’re relocating from another state, you could pay $2,000-$7,000+ for a long-distance pro mover.

Type of Move

You have options when moving that balance cost, convenience and effort:

Full-Service Movers

Hiring a reputable, licensed Arizona moving company hits the budget most but requires the least work on your end. From $100-$150 per hour is normal for 2-3 movers and a truck. But for larger homes, costs stack up:

  • Packing/unpacking services
  • Additional mover labor
  • Long carry charges
  • Piano/large item moving fees
  • Storage fees
  • Value protection insurance

So while turnkey moves simplify things, the invoice adds up fast!

Truck Rental

Renting and driving a U-Haul or other moving truck lets you move affordably but requires serious elbow grease. You’ll be sore loading that baby up yourself! Prices vary by truck size, mileage and duration:

  • 10’ rental truck: $29.95 per day
  • 16’ rental truck: $49.95 per day
  • Tow equipment fees

It’s cheaper than hire movers but gas, insurance and rental fees apply. Don’t underestimate the rental deposit either.

Container Shipping

Portable moving containers like U-Pack or PODS can be conveniently loaded on your own timeline. Once packed up, their truck transports the container for affordable rates based on distance and container sizes. Storage add-ons are also available.


You can also rent an entire 18-wheeler! Companies like U-Pack Freight let you pack goods into a 28’ trailer they drive to Arizona. Prices fluctuate but expect to pay at least $1,300 for this option.

Add-On Services

Most moves require extra services that enhance convenience but also raise the costs:

  • Packing/Unpacking – $40-$70 per hour
  • Crating large items – $75+
  • Debris removal/dumpsters – $150+
  • Express delivery – $150+
  • Peak season fees – $200+

Look into what’s included with your moving quote before assuming extras like packing are accounted for already. Those little fees add up faster than cacti in August!

Time of Year

Avoid moving in summer or other peak times in Arizona if possible! Prime snowbird season brings demand spikes from October to April. That also applies to holidays and popular vacation weeks. Moving just before/after school starts also jacks up prices. Consider:

  • Peak season fees
  • Booking challenges
  • Higher labor costs
  • Slimmer truck availability

Plan around these crunch times and you could save 15%+ easily.

Cost to Hire Movers in Arizona

Alright, let’s dig into actual moving company rates for Arizona relocations. We tapped some reputable AZ movers to give you an idea of average costs:

Local In-State Average Rates

Below are typical costs that local Arizona moving companies might charge to move you within the state, categorized by home size.

Remember rates fluctuate based on exact location factors like stairs, long walks, elevators and traffic impediments. Get an in-home estimate for the most accurate quote!

Home SizeAverage Total CostHourly RateLabor Hours
Studio$265$1192 movers, 3 hours
1 Bedroom$384$1192 movers, 4 hours
2 Bedroom$647$1673 movers, 5 hours
3 Bedroom$1,544$2334 movers, 8 hours
4 Bedroom$1,777$2334 movers, 9 hours
5+ Bedrooms$2,762$3275 movers, 10 hours

Interstate Long Distance Average Rates

Moving from Arizona to another state? Cross-country relocations with a national van line will cost more than local moves. Here’s what to budget for a professionally coordinated interstate move of a typical home.

Arizona to:

  • California: $2,237-$4,863
  • New York: $3,551-$6,329
  • Illinois: $2,951-$5,815
  • Texas: $2,331-$5,146
  • Pennsylvania: $3,455-$6,164

Long hauls like Arizona up to New York or Massachusetts might hit $6,000+ for larger houses. Whereas midwestern or southern state moves generally fall between $3,000-$5,500 for average homes.

Other Moving Options

Using a national van line or local Arizona mover provides full-service moves but costs more. What about doing it yourself (DIY)? Here are a few budget alternatives.

Truck Rental

Renting a truck from U-Haul, Penske or Budget can save substantially if you pack and haul boxes yourself. Just know it’s very labor intensive!

Cost estimates:

  • 10-foot truck: $29.95 per day
  • 16-foot truck: $49.95 per day
    Plus mileage/gas, insurance, pads/dollies

With sweat equity truck rental saves money but demands serious lifting. Make sure to have friends help load/unload!

Container Relocation

Portable container services like U-Pack or PODS bring a cargo container to your home that you conveniently load up over days. Their truck transports it once securely packed.

Typical costs:

  • U-Pack ReloCube (Studio): $1,195 from Phoenix to Dallas
  • 8′ x 8′ x 16′ Container (2+ bedrooms): $1,956 from Tucson to Denver

This lets you do the packing solo without driving a truck. Storage extensions offer flexibility too. Just confirm accessibility at the delivery address and container dimensions.

Freight Shipping

Overland freight companies like United Van Lines let you stuff household goods into a 28-foot trailer. Like container shipping it’s loaded at your own pace then trucked to Arizona.

Sample freight shipping expense:

  • $1,300 for 28’ trailer Los Angeles to Phoenix

No need to tow an actual big rig! Trailer dimensions accommodate larger shipments so may suit bigger families relocating.

Key Things to Know

Beyond quantifying “How much is this move going to cost me?” you should evaluate a few other factors:

Licensing Requirements

While Arizona doesn’t mandate moving companies register with the state (an “unregulated” market), businesses must comply with Arizona Department of Public Safety and Arizona Department of Weights and Measures regulations around safety and ethics.

Don’t assume just any Tucson Craigslist mover meets these qualification standards or carries adequate insurance. Protect yourself and valuables by vetting companies thoroughly upfront.

Insurance Needs

Related to licensing, you must confirm what liability coverage and valuation protection options your Arizona mover provides should items be lost or damaged. Released Value sets shockingly low $0.60 per pound payouts requiring third-party insurance for adequate coverage.

Consult your insurance agent on valuation and transit protection for a smoothly reimbursed claim, should the need unfortunately arise. Don’t get stuck paying new replacement value out-of-pocket!

Climate Considerations

Mercifully Arizona weather rarely impedes moving day. Snowstorms or mudslides shutting down mountain passes isn’t likely! But peak summer heat demands packing a cooler, hydrating diligently and avoiding heavy lifting during intense afternoon sunshine.

If using movers, moderate temperatures anytime between September and May help ensure pleasant working conditions and prevent exhaustion. Just stay clear of monsoon storms in July/August that might temporarily soak belongings en route!

Cheapest Way to Move to Arizona

What if hiring any mover blows your Arizona relocation budget? Using a rental truck typically provides the most affordable do-it-yourself moving option.

Just prepare for backbreaking loading/unloading and potential parking challenges if no nearby loading zones exist. Recruit friends as free labor with pizza payment!

Container shipping also balances cost savings and convenience when you pack yourself. Alleviate hassles and sweat for a few hundred dollars more using full-service Arizona movers. Ultimately choosing what fits your budget and capabilities is key.

On that note, will Arizona’s overall cost of living meet your financial needs? Let’s explore typical household expenses.

Cost of Living Factors in Arizona

Beyond moving costs, being an informed homebuyer or renter means researching the general Arizona cost of living compared to where you currently reside. Fortune favors the prepared, so arm yourself with this intel!

Housing Costs

Compared to many western states Arizona home values and rents remain enticingly affordable, at least for now. Popular regions near bustling Phoenix or scenic Sedona come at a premium. But developable land means growth potential stays high. Here’s the lay of the land:

Home Purchase Prices

  • Median Arizona home value: $422,243
  • Up 18.6% vs national median $356,199
  • Metro Phoenix median home price $507,800

Rental Rates

  • Average Arizona rent for 1-bedroom apartment: $1,097
  • $300/month below national average
  • Metro Phoenix 1-bedroom average $1,284

Balmy winters attract snowbirds driving rents up seasonally. But outside tony zip codes housing stays relatively cheap year-round.


Crunching household nickle-and-diming is less exciting yet critical. What expenses like AC bills and food really cost Arizonans takes realistic budgeting.

Ballpark monthly costs:

  • Electricity: $160
  • Internet: $80
  • Groceries: $320
  • Gasoline per gallon: $4.20

Summers spike energy cooling costs by 30% meaning flexible budgeting helps. And bundling electricity with a roommate or spouse nets savings from volume discounts.

Average Salaries

Lastly ensure your occupation aligns with Arizona pay rates. Some roles like education pay below national figures. But industries like tech and aerospace thrive with salaries to match.

  • Median Arizona household income: $77,747
  • Per capita income $36,398
  • Average teacher salary $52,723

Weigh earning potential based on your career’s industry strength in in the state before finalizing any Arizona move.

Financial Incentives for Relocating

Does moving to Arizona come with any financial perks? Potentially yes, if you meet demographic criteria!

Retirement Benefits

With over 1 million retirees calling Arizona home, incentives exist to attract even more snowbirds and seniors.

For example retirement income like Social Security and 401(k) withdrawals aren’t taxed like wages. Low property taxes, medical expense deductions and tax credits also help older adults get bang for buck in Arizona.

First-Time Homebuyer Programs

Younger buyers and millennials take advantage of the Phoenix IDAM first-time homebuyer program offering below-market mortgages and down payment assistance.

Similar assistance exists for qualifying veterans, teachers, nurses, emergency responders and income-qualified applicants. Reach out to local Arizona lenders and real estate agents detailing these options.

Beyond who’s hiring and average pay rates, which industries are healthiest?

Major Employers and Job Market

Arizona packs plentiful jobs attracting new residents daily. Seasonal population swells sustain sectors like:

Tourism & Hospitality – Grand Canyon visitors alone hit 6.25 million last year! Millions more flock to Phoenix/Scottsdale resorts and eateries annually.

Healthcare – Caring for record retiree and overall populace growth keeps hospitals like Banner Health (Arizona’s largest employer), Dignity Health and the VA expanding facilities and hiring staff.

Transportation & Warehousing – Arizona’s logistics hubs route goods everywhere west of the Rockies. Distribution centers supporting retailers like Amazon and Walmart need continual staffing up too.

Technology – From semiconductor manufacturing like Intel’s 12,000 deep Phoenix workforce to aerospace niches, high-wage tech jobs abound.

Financial Services – Major banks plus PayPal/GoDaddy headquarters equal lots of sales, support and engineering roles.

Let’s dig into statistics if numeric trends entice you more than industry buzzwords:

  • Arizona unemployment rate: 3.7%
  • National average: 3.5%
  • Recent AZ job growth: 2.5%
  • National average job growth: 1.9%
  • Future 3-year Arizona job growth forecast: 15%

Both veteran companies and recent breakout startups contribute to Arizona’s sunny employment outlook.

Final Takeaways

We covered a lot of ground detailing key cost factors, housing particulars and job landscape intel related to “How much does it cost to move to Arizona?”. The bottom line?

While hiring movers hits the wallet hardest, doing it yourself or finding other transportation solutions can yield major savings. Strategically timing your relocation also prevents peak season sticker shock.

And compared to its western neighbors, Arizona remains budget-friendly whether buying or renting long-term homes. Just anticipate values following more new neighbors putting down roots in great school districts and amenity-rich communities statewide in coming years.

We hope this moving cost overview gives clarity and confidence as you chart out the next chapter! Let us know if any other Arizona-related questions come up.


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